Time of listening session?

Hi, I was wondering what part of the day do you listen to your system? I listen to my system mostly late night but I sometimes listen during the afternoon. I feel the gets me during the night.
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My best opportunites to listen come on the weekend. Saturday morning usually begins with bluegrass and Sunday is opera.
I listen mostly at night or on Sunday mornings. Otherwise I am with you on the Rifleman. A lot of young stars got attention on that show. But the relationship between father and son were classic, and the Lucas-Micah friendship was a big part of the show. It amazed me how some dummy would ride into town and mess with the star of the show. Like they had a chance of being back next week. Fools! I just wish Sugarfoot, Cheyenne and Wanted Dead or Alive would get re-broadcast. Now with a DVR I watch those shows early evening, the electricty provides a better picture at that time of day for B&W :)
System is in Living Room so I usually only listen seriously one night per week as the sound dominates the house. My wife goes to her office and returns late on that day so I can listen at any volume without compromise. I usually listen for around six to seven hours. Heaven.
Theo, Sugarfoot?! You must have a memory like a vault. That was one of my favorites but I completely forgot about it. I don’t know if I’ve even heard it mentioned since it ran in the 50s.