Time of listening session?

Hi, I was wondering what part of the day do you listen to your system? I listen to my system mostly late night but I sometimes listen during the afternoon. I feel the gets me during the night.
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I listen mostly at night, unless it's my day off. What does the last sentence in your post mean?
Hi Roxy, What I meant to say is that I get the urge to listen to music during the night.
I listen all day, except when running errands, working out in the gym, or watching Gun Smoke. I even listen while watching sports with the sound of the tv turned all the way down. BTW, Gun Smoke is the most powerful Tv series EVER.
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Late afternoon, early evening. Although my condo neighbors have never complained, I have a self imposed curfew of 9:30.
I listen late at night probably 40% of the time, early morning 40% of the ime, and "other" (usually weekends during the day)20%
At night, and especially early morning at 6 am or so, my ears are more sensitive so I notice the volume is much lower for same effect.

Gun smoke rocks! Matthew (as Festus says) Doc, Mrs. Kitty, Now that's worth muting the music for!

BTW, I'm an evening listener except for a little classical during a Sunday afternoon nap (not during football season though)
I`m hooked on the early Gunsmoke series,late 1950s-mid 1960s(black and white era). The characters,writing and story lines are top notch,good call.Old stuff but compelling.
I listen when I go home for lunch, and in the evening after work if the TV isn't being watched by the family, on weekends throughout the day, and sometimes with the TV sound turned down on sports or when I'm at my computer.
I love gunsmoke too, but my favorite is The Rifleman, great half hour stories and at times, ambiguious moral lessons. All the characters are flawed in some way and it is sometimes tough to reconcile the measured reasoning of Lucas and his ability to always have his modified Winchester 92 ready for action and use it with little provocation. Some really great "bad guy" characters and pretty good actors that made the western tv circuit, Richard Devon, Royal Dano, Robert Culp, Dennis Hopper, Sammy Davis Jr, great stuff!
I would`nt mess with with Lucas McCain.Both he and Matt Dillon had the high body counts. But look, those bad guys got what they deserved LOL.
95% of the time, late night, generally after 9:30pm. 50% of this time, the 2 year old wants to sit on my lap and fall asleep. This is the first 15 mins. After that it is all by myself. If I am home and kids want to listen to some of their songs, then anytime of the day.
Sorry Roxy, you'r right, I generally listen after sundown!

PS Charles "Micah, I shot him in self defense, had no choice" Well Lucasboy I'll take your word for it, some folks jus need killin"
You ever get the feeling micah was glad to have lucasboy around?
My best opportunites to listen come on the weekend. Saturday morning usually begins with bluegrass and Sunday is opera.
I listen mostly at night or on Sunday mornings. Otherwise I am with you on the Rifleman. A lot of young stars got attention on that show. But the relationship between father and son were classic, and the Lucas-Micah friendship was a big part of the show. It amazed me how some dummy would ride into town and mess with the star of the show. Like they had a chance of being back next week. Fools! I just wish Sugarfoot, Cheyenne and Wanted Dead or Alive would get re-broadcast. Now with a DVR I watch those shows early evening, the electricty provides a better picture at that time of day for B&W :)
System is in Living Room so I usually only listen seriously one night per week as the sound dominates the house. My wife goes to her office and returns late on that day so I can listen at any volume without compromise. I usually listen for around six to seven hours. Heaven.
Theo, Sugarfoot?! You must have a memory like a vault. That was one of my favorites but I completely forgot about it. I don’t know if I’ve even heard it mentioned since it ran in the 50s.
Weekends late afternoon until midnight. In the winter a Saturday can go 12 hours starting at 11am. I'm excited for this Saturday because I'm going to have an Ayre AX7e in my system for a few days. I've never heard a ss amp with my speakers.
Wow alot of variety of times. I usually continue listening on my personal headphones if I cant listen to my system due to curfew.
In the evening as often as possible.Those old westerns are great!How about Rawhide and Wagon Train?
Early morning and late at nite into am at times. Love Gunsmoke ,b&w were the best!
As I retired four years ago but subsequently agreed to continue working if I could work from home, most of my listening is during the day. Ever since I got the TS version of the Audience power conditioner, my system sounds as good in the daytime as it does late at night.
Rawhide was also great,one of my favorites,Wagon Train I will have to look up maybe refresh the old memory. Have Gun will Travel another fave.
For me;

midnight to 0600. If you have never tried this, check it out! Happy Listening.