Time machines

Do you have any favorite albums that act like a virtual time machine? Just listening to them sends you back in time. Care to share your experiences?

For me, Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat". After the first few seconds, it's 1977 all over again. I'm back at law school. Jimmy Carter is in the White House. Elvis is still alive. (At least for part of the year.)
Ten Years After, "Undead". I am back in that little British club, the amps are buzzing incessantly, the mikes are unbelievably peaky. The air smells of sweat, reefer and cheap beer. And there, in front of me, is the best bar band on planet earth. When Alvin Lee does "Goin' Home" all time stands still.
Kinsekd-so many, 25 years worth-it particularly happens with records you played to death-even releases from just a few years back can take me back to that particular time.
Too many to mention,I'd rather play them,sorry.

Yes, of course. For me, I can think of Steeler's Wheel "Stuck in the middle with you", Stevie Wonder's "You are the sunshine of my life", and Ten Years After "I'm goin' home". The first time I heard "I'm goin' home", I had just bought a brand new pair of 3-way speakers and the new album and brought them home. After hooking them up and putting the record on, I liked "I'm goin' home" so much that I cranked it to full volume. Before the end of the song, I had 2 blown speakers. I was only a teenager then. :^)
"Who's Next" For me it's 1975 all over again: Boston Garden The Who have just launched into their third song : "Baba O'Reilly". Moon is wailing on his drum kit, all you see is his head and his arms flailing around. Suddenly, he disappears, as does the sound of the drums. Music stops; Pete anounces that the show is over as Keith is feeling "a little under the weather". As it turns out, he fell backwards off his stool, unconcious. Pete promises to come back in a month or so and give a great show. They return toward the end of the tour and bring the house down. Every time I think of, or see a photograph of the "Gahden" I am reminded of some of the finest moments of my life spent there. The Dead, Yes, The Who, Marshall Tucker Band, my college graduation was held there, Celtics/Lakers NBA finals. I have to stop now, I'm getting all misty-eyed...
In the summer of 73, I went into a high end stereo store for the first time. I entered the place with the idea of spending between four and five hundred dollars. Out of curiosity I wanted to hear what the more expensive systems sounded like, so I kept going. I was completely surprised that I could hear significant differences in every system that I heard. By the time I got to the BACK ROOM, my head was spinning. The guy put on OCTOPUS BY GENTLE GIANT, the song with the coin drop, if you know it. I never heard anything like this, on two counts. The music and the equipment. I ended up spending nearly $4000 over the next two years on my system. I still have most of it and it's all still working. As far as the music is concerned, I am probably as big a fan of GENTLE GIANT as you will find anywhere. So I have been into stereo equipment and progressive music ever since. Yes, sometimes when I play that album I sit back and close my eyes, and I know I'm still in the BACK ROOM.
I saw Gentle Giant warm up Tull at Madison Square Garden many moons ago, mid 70s to be sure. It was kind of the all flute night. Great band and an incredible stage show.