Time Has Come Today-The Chambers Brothers

I was in a local used shop that handles all digital media as well as vinyl. I bought this album, brought it home, cleaned it and wow. What a great album. Nicely recorded too.
It was one of the Rock Anthems of it's day. Maybe I'll will dig my copy out this evening, thanks.
You bet.

The original Columbia 2 Eye is a great pressing.

The correct title of the album is "The Time Has Come".
There is a great version of this song on Steve Earle's CD "Side Tracks" with, of all people, Sheryl Crow doubling on the vocal tracks.
Funny thing, a local appliance store recently replaced their TV ads "I Feel Free" Blind Faith background music with The Chambers Bros "Time Has Come Today". Now I can't stand the Blind Faith song anymore (they used it for years).
Personally, I OD'd on the Chambers Bros song first time around, it got a lot of air time. By the time the appliance store gets finished using it I'll probably need Pepto Bismol every time I hear it. 8^) BTW: Have you tried "Are You Ready?" by Pacific Gas & Electric?
I will look for PG and E tomorrow
BTW: I would never knock someone for finding some music they like. In fact I think it's great. That's what this is all about.
But I had the vinyl back in the day and heard it a lot on the radio and now the TV commercial, just a case of burn out for me.
Oh yeah, IMO: that Pacific Gas & Electric album has a very nice album cover. Reminds me a little of the nose art on WWII bombers.
Great stuff I used to listen to.Another one I'll have to pull out clean and play,havent heard it in years from my collection.
Blind Faith only made one album and "I Feel Free" is not on it. "I Feel Free" is the first song on Cream's first album "Fresh Cream".
Still have the original PG&E album though I'm afraid it was abused in my younger, pre-audio loving days. Great song.
Time Has Come Today was re-released on cd with some bonus cuts. Sounds OK.
Mea Culpa on the Blind Faith/Cream mix up!
Back in the day, I attended many gigs of PG&E. They were a great band, had an lp, but lost it in a house fire. I should try and find an LP one of these days.

Docdan50, thanks! I played my copy yesterday and you are right. Very well recorded and great instrumentals. I had forgotten how much I liked when it was new. Gotta love this passion.
saw them live when I went to The Steve Allen Show. They did Time as Come Today,the long version! Steve Allen loved it,man Steve was always supportive of new talent. I have that album to,haven't heard it in a dogs age though.
I saw them perform this live in the late sixties at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit. It was one of the most memorable performances there I can recall (although Cream and Jeff Beck trumped them). The intense percussion, strobe lights and echo loops took it over the top, just fantastic live.

Funny thing though, today it's used as background music for umpteen TV commerials; my wife and I start reaching for our "Air Lugers" to shoot the TV whenever we hear it. It has now become the equivalent for me of squeaky chalk on a dry chalkboard.
Actually, almost all of the songs on the album are great. I saw them perform in Boston way back when, but not all of the band members were there.
"Time has come today" is the devil's work if I ever heard it. To think these guys were gospel singers!
I always used to think that the words were "Time Has Company...;)
'scuse me while I kiss this guy.