Time for spring cleaning

Well, spring has arrived and I must confess that I have a lot of "stuff" that I should part with. You know, that old gear that's just laying around. From who knows when. Such as.....Technics SE9600 amp/SH8065EQ, Kenwood KA801 int amp/KT815 tuner, Yamaha A1000 int, (2) NHT SW2 subs, DBX 1BX-ds/3BX-ds, ADC Sound Shaper 20 eq, Numark EQ2500 eq. And of course this doesn't include the "stuff" on loan to family and friends. (that I really don't want back). So lets fess up folks. What have you got collecting dust? Please don't tell me I'm the only one with the "audio pack rat" habit!
I have a whole set of B&W 600 series speakers including center channel sitting around; a pair of B&W DM100i speakers, a pair of Boston Acoustic HD5v speakers; an extra Digital DAC (Krell/Soundstream); an extra Monster Power Conditioner; 15 foot BiWire speaker cables, a full function (even phono) mini receiver; an old 16bit CD Player; a vintage Dual 1219 turntable (the United Audio model with the wood base); and a Technics HX-Pro Dual Cassette Deck.
Also forgot a REL Q100E subwoofer and a Rotel RP-855 turntable with a Sumiko Blue Point cartridge. All this is in addition to the two systems I use currently.
Hey, no fair - you've got stuff other people would buy!! All my leftovers are so bad I'd lose money even if they sold on e-bay!

Right now I have an ARC SP9 mkII and a Moscode 300 that I am holding on to for an office system (any thoughts on small speakers that sound good at low volume?) I also have an NAD 316 AV int. that I am holding onto for a second HT system for the beach. I have 4, 11' runs of AQ crystal that I was going to set up as dual biwire (any thoughts on how that would compare to my DH LAbs T-14 I'm using now as dual biwire?). Numerous assorted mid-fi and low hi-end ics. I have an old CM Labs CC3 pre and also a Yammi C2a pre that's out at the beach right now. Also I have a Denon 47F TT and a Sonographe TT even tho my current pre (VK3i) has no phono stage. I know I need to move one the TTs. I think thats about it.
Got rid of most of my extra stuff, left with (8) 8' speaker cables and a Classe DR8 amplifier. Figured once I assembled my 7th system I really ought to slow down. Jeff
Hey,no fair;running a classifieds in a chat room.Igot---,not to mention---,also---.If I listed everything;at 2 bucks an ad, the cost would have me panhandling out in the streets. I might end up in "YOUR" neighborhood.
I'm keeping my "junk"; will be moving into a bigger house this summer and will probably put together a a third HT system. Just need the HT receiver. Probably have too many speakers, but may "upgrade" the boombox in my office at work. The CD part of it broke last week. I may part with the Rotel Turntable and cartridge. If so it will end up on eBay.
I just recently moved my hi fi graveyard out to the garage so I wouldn't keep stubbing my toes on it. I have a couple of cheap receivers, several pairs of old Boston Acoustic speakers, a really old M&K satellite system with sub, an NAD pre/amp/tuner, and an HK turntable with Signet cartridge. I'm still looking for a place for the sub, but the rest of it at least has found a home.

What's funny is that I don't generally think of myself as having a lot of audio gear. Its all in your perspective I guess.

Cheers, Ken
I've always kept my junk and reused it, when some part of my system gave up its ghost, while it was being repaired. Generally was surprised how good those antique pieces sounded and how relative everything is.....
Someone's junk is another man's gold. I had a pair of speakers with solid walnut enclosures. The surrounds on the woofers were totally gone. I offered them for free, if the person would pay the shipping. I received a dozen emails from people wanting to build their own speakers.
I have been spring cleaning on Audiogon since january and have sold about 15 pieces of equipment I wasn't using, plus various interconnects and speaker cables. All in all, I netted $18,000 for everything. Unfortunately, instead of maintaining my lean and clean look, I filled up all the empty rack spaces with other gear I found on Audiogon. In the end, I am still running 3 systems, and I did NOT come out ahead despite my pocketing of $18,000 cash.
We have a Marantz tuner (not vintage), a three channel Yamaha amp/pro-logic processor, and a pair of Audio Research AR 9's (The surrounds are gone but, I still have ideas of bringing them back to life.)
Glad I'm not the only one. I've got a Classe CA-300, a BAT VK-5i, Harmonic Retrieval System, two pairs of Harmonic Technology Truth Link XLR's, a pair of Pro-Silway Mk II XLR's, NHT AudioCenter 1, NHT 3.3's, Technics receiver...Whew! Didn't realized I had so much until I wrote it out. Two bad I don't have space for a second system.
Man, you guys are too much. I have one extra XLO 2a balanced cable, that's it. That's money sitting in your closets!! My system lists for about $25k but cost me less than $10k. Any money I can get for a spare anything, it's for sale, it's upgrade time. Sometimes I wish I had extra stuff laying around because sometimes there is a week or so in between items when I can't listen cause I'm missing a piece. I guess if I scale down I could afford extra parts. NNNNAAAAHHHH!!!!
I tend to roll over my old equipment for upgrades, but still have some oldies around, like and older HK EQ, some Nordost Blue heaven speaker wire, and an Acurus A250. I had a Rotel tuner that was in the closet for years, now that I upgraded to a seperate pre/pro and amps, I use it again...

Some of my eqipment dated back to college, and I just gave it away to friends as it was suffering some problems not worth fixing. They use them and are happy.

I find I'm always selling off my 'spare parts' to get better, different new ones! Besides, living in a condo, I don't have enough storage space for all the boxes for what I use!
Mrderrick & others--many thanks, I loved reading this! Let's team up & launch a virtual audio charity shop. I can chip in with cables and some old-fi piling dust... a couple of Micromega CD players (solo & optic), a Cambridge c100 pre, a pair of rogers LS3/5A, a used Blue Point Special, somewhat used VdH MC10 & 20, a Maranz cas. deck, Nordost cables (Red dawn, spm, quattro fil), Siltech (silver IC) Symphonic Line cables (speakers & ic), DNM cables (ditto), Kimber (speaker: 8 something), Madrigal (IC) + the usual bric-a-brac: mitchell speaker posts - WBT rcas, etc.
On second thought, maybe I should trade in my quattro fils & Siltech as downpayment for a new house!
This thread makes me feel better about what's hiding in the closet... pairs of Apogee Centaurs and Maggie sMGA's; PS Audio Source/PS1 pre-amp; Rotel 965BX Ltd, DAC In The Box and DTI; Luxman tuner; Luxman cassette deck; Thorens TD160 Super turntable. This dooesn't count extra IC's, speaker cables, tubes and other "spares". The good news is that I'm now using my old Adcom GFA555 as a sub amp and got rid of the 8 track collection/equipment when I moved.
I just wanted to chime in on this theme. From my leftover equipment which I have not passed on to friends and relatives or sold on Audiogon, I put together this pocket home theater system, which is set up in front of my exercise bike(!!): Sony 20" TV, baby NAD integrated amp about 10 yrs old (I think model 210), Mirage mini-monitor speakers w/Mirage sub about 8 yrs old, Sony VCR, and 12-yr-old Yamaha laser disc player in great condition; Kimber PBJ, Monster, and Straightwire cables. No center channel or rears--this is a pocket-theater, after all! I had to show some restraint. This exercise system occupies the back corner of my high-end listening room, with my "real" stereo.