Time for a new DAC?

I've been very happily using DACs - well, DSPs, from EAD for years, starting with a DSP-1000Mk3 before 'graduating' to the wonderful DSP-9000Pro which taught me more about the space around performers than any other piece of hifi I have ever used.

A change in my listening habits sees me moving away from CD to a HDD-based system. It's as much for convenience as anything else, but it is all good. I listen to more music now.

I have been offered an Accustic Arts DAC1 Mk4. The techy side of me loves the idea - the sampling in particular would seem to suit my new streaming-type front-end possibly better than the EAD does.

Does anyone have nay experience of both products, or can offer any insight, or advice?

I believe that there are former EAD engineers in Fairfield Iowa that can upgrade your EAD unit. The name and contact info escapes me, but Google is worth a try.
I know of Noble Electronics, and there's an excellent engineer in France or Belgium (sorry Christophe - I can't remember which at the moment!)

The EAD certainly can be upgraded, but the cost of doing so really isn't far short of what the AA DAC would cost me.

I am torn. Loyalty to a faithful friend, or investigating pastures new?
Well, I have a buyer for my EAD... Unfortunately I'm about as decisive as a dog in a lamp post factory! The AA DAC? Or maybe something from Danish Audio Designs. Or a Sabre-based system. USB internal, or an external USB->SPDIF converter?

All part of the fun of the wonder that is hifi!
OK... Short listing in a hurry now as the EAD will be on it's way as soon as the festive season is over.

The Ayre QB-9 has a significant advantage in that it has a USB input. However, my heart is still saying the AA DAC1 Mk4 is the solution I want, probably with a John Kenny modified Hiface M2.

Any other suggestions? Ballpark budget is a maximum of $2500; previously loved equipment preferred!
I haven't heard Mk4, but I used to own AA DAC1 Mk3. Now I own Ayre QB-9. QB-9 is the best digital I have heard in my system. Also keep in mind that not all USB DACs are the same. In addition to the superior jitter control, Ayre also incorporates time domain coherent MP filter which makes Ayre unique and superior than its competitors.
On the subject of DACs, i need some help and i was wondering if someone experienced here can help... I have a Wadia CD Transport WT 2000 and a Wadia 2000 digital decoding computer (DAC) that sits nicely with it. Of late, I have had a problem with the Wadia DAC. Under the Command function, when the button is pressed, it moves from "standby" mode to the "initializing" mode, and thence to the "operational" mode. All good so far, but subsequently (within 30 minutes), the "red light" moves back to the "initializing mode" and as such i cant listen to any music.

Has anyone experienced this problem before or know anyone who might have ? Can anyone help me / advise where I can go to get this fixed. I live in London...

many thanks
Dear all - apparently was a problem with the wadia power source which i have had repaired and in fact tested and serviced the Wadia completely thereafter.