Time for a change

Fellow Audiophiles I need some input. I need to pick a new set of speakers out and I have narrowed down a couple but would like any comments on others...
I listen to 70/80's rock and jazz. I have a opera conosance 2.2 refernce CD player and a nuforce P8 preamp paired up with a Jeff rowland model 102 amplifier. 100 watt 8 ohms and 200watt at 4 ohm. I use Cardas nuetral ref. speaker cables and nordost spm rca. I have baldur and Van den hul cables also.

I am getting rid of Avalon studio pros ...

I have a 15 to 1800.00 budget on used speakers. I am narrowed down to Vandersteen 3 signatures or Revel F-30's or Opera Quinta.

I value the opnions of this forum.

Looking for a full range speaker....any idea????
All well respected speakers. The Vandies always provide very good bang for the buck, but I question whether your amp is hefty enough for either the Vandies or the F-30's. If you plan on sticking with your amp, the Quinta's would appear on paper to be a much easier load / match with the rest of your system.
Thats the kind of input I need. I really want to stick with current equipment.

how about Hales???
Your equipment is very good. You just need to make sure your speaker load is not too demanding. The Hales are reputable speakers as well, but would benefit from a more powerful amplifier.

I'd consider looking at the various Meadowlark speakers listed on the Gon. While Meadowlark is no longer in business, their speakers have a strong following, offer good bang for the buck, and would be a very easy load for your amp (very efficient).

Also, if you don't mind their non-traditional appearance, Gallo 3.1's would work.
While I would steer you toward the Vandersteens, nothing substitutes for actual auditioning. What brands do you have in your immediate area that you could hypothetically listen to?
castle harlechs are being liquidated at may audio. as good as any 5k speaker for 1k. superb
Usher 6311s then add a powered sub as extra money comes available