Time Coherent Under $1K

I've got the bug to try time coherent speakers, after reading so many interesting things about them. As far as I can tell, the makers of time coherent speakers are Vandersteen, Green Mountain, Meadowlark and Thiel. Since my room is small (12.5w x 15L x 7h) I think Vandersteens will be too large for a good fit. I've narrowed my choice down to GMA Europas or Meadowlark Swifts (although since Meadowlark just introduced the Eagle that might be my Meadowlark contender). What can I anticipate as the differences (strengths, weaknesses) between Europas and Swifts/Eagles in a room my size? I listen to lps on Thorens TD-320 w/Ortofon Super OM20 via Cayin TA-30 integrated tube amp. Thanks for your insights, Rich
Single drivers speakers are also time coherent.
If you are willing to buy used speakers, you might also consider a lower-priced pair of Dunlavy speakers. Dunlavy speakers are also time-coherent and phase-accurate. The only concern one might have is that Dunlavy went out of business a year or more ago.
If you are buy used, Meadowlark Kestrel II's or even better, Shearwaters can be had for the price you indicated.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not interested in single-driver speakers right now, and while it seems that Mr. Dunlavy made some well-respected speakers, I'd like to avoid companies that are defunct. That's why I'm interested in opinions about the relative merits of Europas vs. Swifts (Eagles?), for my room and equipment. By the way, I'm asking because given my location it's unlikely that I'll be able to demo both speakers (and certainly impossible to A/B them in one place). I may be able to get to a Meadowlark dealer, but GMA is gonna have to be a leap of faith -- if I'm convinced to give them a try. Thanks, Rich
Europas are simply stunning. $600 will get you a pair here. $800 will get you a new pair (with some coaxing). Read the posts here. Tough to beat.
Don't throw out the Vandys too fast. I have a second system in my office (which is 21'L x 9'W) with the 2Cis. They are on the short wall and exhibit very good bass, excellent imaging, and good height and depth. I spend a lot of time here and wouldn't want anything less.
Has anyone heard both the Europas and the Meadowlark speakers (as well as the Vandy 2ci)? As for the Vandys, as I understand it, they're designed to be placed away from rear wall, while Meadowlark speakers can be placed within a foot of rear wall without much compromise in sound. Given my room's dimensions, and given the other pieces of furniture in the room, and given WAF, whatever I get needs to have a narrower, smaller footprint, and sound good only 8-12 inches from rear wall. I've read so many enthusiastic recommendations for the Europas, which are persuasive, but have any Europa fans auditioned Swifts (Eagles?) for any length of time? As for the Kestrel 2's, I'd buy 'em in a minute, used, for $700, but I don't see them priced that favorably! Thanks again, Rich
I can't comment on the sound of the Europas, although I have no doubt they are wonderful. I can comment on the Swifts, since I am a happy owner. Given your room and the Cayin, I think you would be very happy with them. The Swifts will disappear sonically and give you a wide, deep soundstage. But, I would also recommend them from a visual standpoint. They have a high WAF. My girlfriend likes the way they look, and other female guests have commented on their looks also. They will blend into your room better than stand mounted speakers. I bought the Swifts to replace Spica TC-60's which I loved, but visually they dominated my room and I tired of them from that perspective. Hope this helps.
So, has ANYONE listened to both Europas AND Swifts, and are you willing to tel me what you thought about the comparison? I will sure appreciate it. Thanks, Rich