Tim Commerford Audioslave bass tone

I remember reading an interview with bass player Tim Commerford. He spoke (bragged) a lot about how he has put a great deal of effort into developing his sound (building / modding effects pedals, maybe even winding his own pickups, I forget all). He was quite secretive about the details, and quite arrogant. I listened to an Audioslave CD on headphones at B&N, and found the music uninteresting, but couldn't hear the bass too well & still wonder whether his sound measures up to his claims. Since people here have the hearing and systems to tell, is there anything special about his sound?
Can't get past all the screaming that Chris Cornell is doing...
christ guys. just because someone describes how they've built things up, doesnt mean he's bragging about it. He's just put aload of his own work into it, and although the stuff is simple that he plays (audioslave stuff doesnt tend to be as good in comparison to RATM as far as bass goes) it fits the songs, and if you're a fan of that music, it's good. Not everyone needs to musically masturbate to the point of ambiguous musicianship in order to be a good player O_o i find the tone tends to have a great growly quality to it (shadow on the sun) and his use of effects strikes me as being relatively tasteful when you consider some jass musicians who noodle around with the sound beyond all recognition.
Yeah I enjoyed the first two albums. If your interested they are dumping the catalog in cut out bins now that they have gone their seperate ways.
Never was impressed by the bass or the guitar guy from Rage Against The Machine, everything sounds too similar kinda like the Edge from U2.
Maybe I was off. I just found the interview, and re-read it. Funny thing is the first time I read it, he came off as sounding very arrogant, like he thought his tone and playing were better than anything anyone else had ever done, but having re-read it, I don't get that same feeling. He does a lot of audiophiole things with his rig - Telefunken NOS tubes, heavier wire gage.