Tim Bachman of BTO passed at 71

Guitarist from Bachman Turner Overdrive was added to the growing list of lost musicians last Friday. He had been fighting cancer and succumbed just a few days ago April 28th. BTO was a big influence on my rock tastes in music and it saddens me to see so many of my generation passing. Not that they were still making music, but that an era that contributed to my love for music is closing each year.



BTO was solid and produced many epic songs in their day. The Guess Who’s Undun rates with the best of the best rock/jazz songs of the era -- IMHO.

Some threads invite colorful, lively polical conversation (What Became of Magister?). This one not so much.

I’m also a "car guy" and belong to a club of enthusiasts who have a fondness for a little 60’s British sports car powered by a Ford V8 engine. Our annual get togethers involve members from all over North America, with (I assume) a vast mix of political idealogies. 3 days of cars, fun, and loving life -- and, each other. No one waiting in the bushes to ambush another member’s politics.

As far as "snippets" that occur here, it reminds me of something I learned a while back. A problem is like an AC motor. It has poles that push and pull an armature to keep the motor spinning. Remove either "push" OR the "pull", the motor stops spinning and the problem goes away. So, when there’s a "push" we can choose to keep the motor "spinning" or just resist the "opportunity" to insert the "pull" and let the problem go away on its own. Our choice.


And what are we left with?

A bunch of flaccid, soulless, money-grubbing, fame-seeking plagiarists.

Ever wonder why there are so many "oldies" radio stations?

That is entirely wrong. The list of phenomenal and unique musicians is larger than you can imagine. You've just only been too deep into the RnR with the stereotype just quoted above. I've lived in many areas of USA and only noted few oldies around so never found any oddities there. Besides, not really interested in neither Elvis or Donnie and Marie or even Cher.