tight sound and tight $ sub for Silverline monitor

I'm looking for a "cheap" musical sub - if that's not a contradiction in terms. It doesn't have to go super low or super loud - just locking for something tight and tunefull to go with some Silverlines in a bedroom. I'm looking for something to add a little impact and flesh out the bottom end a bit.

There are some relativly inexpensive models from Energy and M&K - are there better alternatives? Thanks.
ML Depth -- very fast, flexible controls, and due to the omnidirectional ("Balanced Force") design, doesn't care where you put it -- even in a corner -- although right between the mains is best.
For a smaller bedroom type system I recommend a 10" NHT w/ outboard amp, such as you will find here:


I noticed the ad for this a few days ago. I have the same amp/sub combo in a smaller type living room system to compliment a pair of B&W N804's. The 804's have great bass but I was looking for the same thing that you are, a tad more impact and bass detail. Takes the load off the 804's, especially if you have a preamp where you can cut off your main speakers below 60 or 80 hZ.

That little NHT is truly amazing. I replaced it for awhile with a Velodyne HGS-12, so that I could verify the performance of the Velodyne before putting it up for sale, and my wife and I actually preferred the NHT. The Velodyne tended to draw too much attention to itself.

Another nice detail with an outboard sub amp is that you don't have to run a sub cable and a power cord to the speaker part of the sub, just the speaker cable. Keeps the scene a little cleaner, helping w/ the infamous WAF.
thanks, will consider it, but was hoping for something <400 and hopefully <$300

A used Hsu VTF-2 would be in your price range. Might be a little large, physically, for a bedroom but it's a great sub for the price.
A great small sub at a nice price is the REL Q-108. They are selling them at the Magnolia HiFi in the Best Buys for only $499.
Thanks for the suggestions guys - hadn't noticed either of these. I'm also looking at the 10" x-sub from av123. Anyone heard it?
duh.....what Silverlines do you have?
yes,made by onix ,xery well made and works weel if used near a corner good clean tight bass!!!
Bass "tightness" is often a product of the room response.
For example, large response peaks due to room gain will exhibit overhang and ringing, even if the response is measurably close to being "flat".
Room treatments, bass traps etc... are surprisingly effective. You may find that you don't need a subwoofer for clean tight bass above 40hz.
I agree with HifiDreams. RELs top shelf subs are considered and ARE the best in the world!!
That is ALL they do--design & build subwoofers.
Even their inexpensive subs are VERY good, for the
$money$ you won't beat it.
Good luck in your search!
Myraj - just picked up the silverline sr-16's ... with tweeters from the Sonata line.