Tight accurate midfield monitor pair suggestions

I know this isnt a studio site, but thought I'd pick your collective experienced brains.
I have a home studio built from the ground up and the business is going well. My nearfields...
I have a pair of Adams 2.5A and Yamaha NS-10s, dynaudio 1.3 SEs

Now I'm looking for a good accurate passive midfield monitor.
I have a Jeff Rowland model 5 amp. Ther room is well treated.
Currently Im using B&W 805s, but find these are just too smeared. Sound great, but for mixing it needs to be tighter and more accurate esp in the low mids - lows. Bass needs to be focused. Low mids accurate. revealing and open, detailed in the mids. Quite honestly, for mixing purposes the highs dont have to be all that, just not fatiguing

i prefer monitor style cabs just because the set-up, but if you have floor model in mind, polease speak up.

Price range up to $3000

thank you in advance
thoughts on the Opera Callas.
Can these be in the ballpark?
I've not heard them but the design is rather odd (five tweeters) ...weird... a novelty perhaps?
Second the Merlin TSM.
You would have to stretch your budget a bit, but Devore Fidelity's new 3XL are a great choice at $3750.
I'm going to second Joc3021's recomendation for the GMA Rio.
I'm a mastering Engineer in San Francisco and have been searching for a pair of speakers, I can live with, for the past 3+ years. I'm very familiar with the adam 2.5a and s3a and niether can hold a candle to the Rio. I just finished breaking-in my pair and have been working on my first mastering projects since taking ownership.

They are the TIGHTEST and most ACCURATE pair of two-ways I've heard, By far. FYI, I've auditioned everything the pro-audio market has to offer ATC, Barefoot, Proac, Adam, K&H, PMC, JBL, Genelec, Meyer etc.... and none are as clean or natural sounding as the Rio.

I feel like, for the first time, I'm really hearing what my eq's, compressors, limiters, codecs and different, dithering algorithms are doing to my audio. I'm making eq and compression decisions much more quickly and not second-guesing them. In other words, my quality of work has increased and the length of time it usually takes me has decreased significantly. More free time.

The owner/designer, Roy Johnson is a pleasure to deal with and REALLY knows Scthuff!

If you're anywhere by sf feel free to send me a message and you are welcome to hear my pair.