Tie in 170w quad with Onkyo receiver

I have old old JVC Quad (170w per channel)that is awesome in driving my Focal JM Labs front and rear speakers. I purcheased an Onkyo tr 808 7-1 receiver and I want to drive my Fronts and Rears with my quad tied into the receiver and use my receiver as a preamp for the 4 speakers but still have the 7.1 capability. I am new to this technology because I am a bit older but still really appreciate a great sound system so I could use a bit of help here as to what my options might be or how to tie in my quad so I can boost my fronts and rears. The quad has aux inputs and tape in and record RCA jacks. There are preamps on the receiver. Appreciate any help some of you seasoned hi fi fellows might care to offer me...thanks in advance