Tidal vs Quobuz

Yes I realize the Qobuz is misspelled in the title but I can’t figure out how to update it.  Relax.  
I’ve been a die hard advocate of MqA and Tidal for the last few years. All of my source, preamp, and dac purchased had the prerequisite that they must be MqA compatible. Today, I tried Qobuz for the first time and I’m blown away by the selection of 24bit 96khz files compared to Tidal.
Here’s an example: Was very excited that the band Tool FINALLY added their collection to streaming services. All of the albums on Tidal are CD quality. So I was going to purchase them in higher fidelity on HD Tracks, but learned that Qobuz had them at the highest fidelity. Couldn’t believe it. Same with many other artists/albums I love.

Now is there an improvement in sound quality? No not really. Is the Qobux UX any better? No, in fact it’s slower. But do I get the best quality content for the same price? Yes. Will I subscribe to both? Yes.

Lumin D2 -> Parasound P6 -> Elac Navis ARF 51’s. Fully balanced set up (Nordost) with AQ power cables.
@wsrrsw I mean radio as in the automatic selection of random tracks as in Roon, not actual radio stations that TuneIn delivers.

Well does your name refer to snow, ski or bike riding?
@wsrrsw mtb riding, I live in the High Peak in Derbyshire UK.
Qobuz works really well for me as I know the music I want and am happy to browse composers to find new stuff. The big letdown so far is that I can’t load my iTunes playlist and import it all in ALAC. A simple way to do that would be a huge change. Does anyone know how?
For someone interested mostly in both new releases across all genres and deeper dives into what most call "college radio, alternative, singer-songwriter, new psychedelic, etc." how would you rate the availability on Qobuz? 
If I hear something new and different on KRCW, KUTX, WFUV, Tiny Desk Concerts or Austin City Limits am I likely to find it on Qobuz? Cheers,