Tidal vs instrument 8PS at CAF

I just saw the testaments on dc10 website I have been saying this same thing. The dc10 sound much more real and detailed though I love the way the tidal speakers are made.

Patrick from Washington, DC, USA
On the Instrument 8PS

I am an Instrument 8 PS owner of about 6 months. These speakers are great. I know I'm not telling you something you don't already know -- they just are. I just left the Capital Audio Fest here in Maryland and listened to several systems and countless speakers and I can honestly say none of the speakers I heard sounded better than my 8PS speakers. I know I'm biased, but I usually leave shows like this wanting to burn (light a match to) my systems when I get home. Not this time. Your speakers are engaging, dynamic and something that I feel proud to own. I'm blown away at times by how good they sound. They look almost as good as they sound, and as you know they look great.

I just wanted you to know that you have a product that I am proud to own. Maybe you should consider showing them to more people like events such as CAF. I will gladly support you and the product in anyway you feel I `would be of the most good. I am a Network Engineer by trade, so I'm not a salesman. I heard a lot of speakers this weekend and mine really sounds better than what I heard. Tidal's 64k speakers and the Revel Studio2 were great, but the 8PS speakers are special.

I did not want to mention this because I know it sounds strange, but this is probably the only speaker that I have been able to feel. It seems there is texture or something tangible to the sounds produced by the speakers. I know it's called "The Instrument", but I wasn't expecting this. I referred to it as special in my previous email. The Revel or Tidal speakers did not have this.
Sounds like an Ad, written and posted by self to me. You are relentless and seems rather desperate though. Well, good luck with your speakers Mr.High.
M High,

Please stop with the "PR" and the inane touting! This has become a serious problem and though we appreciate your PAST business your blogging just damages what it is your touting.
Do you understand?