Tidal vs. Deezer Elite for Sonos

I've been using Deezer Elite (which offers lossless, CD-quality streaming with Sonos) since last spring, and am fairly happy with it, except, on occasion, with the selection. Before my subscription needs to be renewed in a few months, I was hoping to hear from some who are familiar with both Deezer Elite and Tidal. As the latter's claim seems to be that it's got such depth and breadth -- I like rock, mostly -- should I switch to Tidal instead of Deezer?

Thanks for any help anyone might have on this.

And Happy New Year.

-- Howard

Hi Howard, 

What sounds better is purely subjective to one's personal taste and associated gear. Since you're listening through Sonos, there shouldn't be any discerning differences between Tidal and Deezer Elite. They both stream music in 1,411Kbit/s FLAC format on Sonos.  

If anything, Deezer Elite should be less expensive than Tidal ($19.99 per mo.).   

I am not sure about the content with Deezer as they started out with pretty limited library.  You can always sign up for a Tidal free trial and compare the content and streaming quality.  I switched to Tidal from Rhapsody and Spotify last year and been very happy with Tidal high quality streaming.  

Happy Listening!!!
I use a modded Sonos, tidal is clearly better sonically. Content wise was sufficient for me, but loses to Spotify. There's so much to listen to anyways.

Having used also Spotify, i find it slightly better than Deezer.

Tried Apple, totally unacceptable, sounds way compressed and too much gain.

Hi, justtubes2                " Coming late of this thread."

Thinking of buying a SONOS MODDED with all current add-ins/re-clocking.

I'm using a CAMBRIDGE 851N streamer.>Spotify. Bought it over a year ago thinking they would add TIDAL. NOT SO their sold on SPOTIFY with there 320K up-sampling being so close HI-FI  to the average  BEAR EARS the diff is hard to tell.

Well ! am not a BEAR. What is your satisfaction with SONOS streaming TIDAL and its  play back fidelity?


If you are using Sonos without the Cullen/Wired 4 Sound upgrade or something that works as good --- I don't know the alternatives) you are listening to about 12% of the quality sound available. As I vaguely recall, the standard Sonos jitter was 733 per pico second. That's about 733 times "good" levels and 7330 times state of the art. Isn't that 733 errors per billionth of a second? I do know the difference is worth your money.

As to Tidal, it is hard to distinguish from Spotify through Sonos, which has been said by many. But, the Tidal catalog does have some stuff not found on Spotify and Tidal can run through a USB off your PC - non apple computer, MQA decoded, to your regular DAC. With the help of the product known as the USB Disruptor and cable, You may have the best available source unless you want to pay for HD Tracks, for which i prefer to spend on Vinyl.

Vincent Raptor
I can not comment Deezer vs Tidal sound quality but Deezer's music catalog crushes Tidal. It is the reason I ended my TIdal sub

There are rumors Spotify will have lossless soon.  That will crush Tidal if priced the same or lower.  
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