Tidal streaming 192.0Khz/24it?

I am using chrome to stream Tidal to USB DAP Fiio X3 gen2. Fiio display shows 192kHz/24bit. Sounds amazing. It suppose to be 44.1kHz/16bit. Don't know why. Anyone has the answer?
Cirrus 24bit dac. I like it. Very versatile DAP. OPPO 105 has Tidal installed. I use IPad to browsing and control the music. 
Ooooh, then I know your problem. :)

In Oppo Settings you'll find... something like this:

Audio Processing --> Coaxial/Optical Output --> 192kHz.

Change it to linear PCM.


Why/how do you say "...its supposed to be 44.1kHz/16bit" ? Is that the highest rate streaming from Tidal? I stream Tidal via WiFi from my Node 2 and have no way (that I know) to tell the rate.
Fiio native is 192khz/24bit. Tidal in chrome has not upsample setting. I only chose hifi. I use foobar2000 to stream sacd dsd to fiio usb dac and got 28.224mhz/1bit display. I only use fiio line out for highest quality sound.
kalali when I stream Tidal on my Aries Mini it dispays the sampling rate below the track playing, pretty much always 44.1 khz 16 bit with kbps fluctuating I assume due to network wifi speeds.

jond, sorry, where do you see the sampling rate, on the Aries or the Tidal app it self?

I just did a bit of research and it appears that majority of the Tidal HiFi content is 16bit/44.1kHz. This implies to me that even if a device is capable of 24bit/192kHz, the sound quality is still CD quality at best, unless some upsampling is applied by the device. Those of you folks who own such devices, do you hear significant improvement in the sound between straight thru CD quality and upsampled version? This would give me the excuse I need to upgrade my Node 2 to something better... or insert a better (upsampling) DAC - with two coax inputs, between my CDP and Node 2 and my preamp.
kalali I see it on the lightning DS app that controls the Aries that I run on my ipad mini. One oddity I’ve noticed on Tidal I’ve come across one or two recording that are designated higher sampling rates. One was 96 khz the other was 192 khz but when played they show the sampling rate as  44.1 khz, go figure.
I played flac file and CD using foobar to  FIIO, it shows 44.1khz/16bit. But when I play Tidal with chrome to FIIO, it shows 192khz/24bit. Don't know why. It definitely sounds better than 44.1khz/16bit. It might sound better than dsd64 in my opinion.
Tidal is 16/44 or lower. There are a few 320kbs files on tidal if they can't get a 16/44 file, but there are very few of these  You are upsampling.. Classicsonlinehd does up to 24/192
I have never found upsampling to improve sound.
Trying classicsonline now, 96k/24bit track, on Fiio shows 192k/24bit. I guess my lenovo laptop did the upsampling. For $39/year, classicsonline is definitely a good source for Hifi classic music. 

Now push classiconline to Oppo 105 and I got 192k/24bit. Plan to try a week. Be honest, I can't tell difference between 44.1khz/16bit and 192khz/24bit. But one thing for sure, the music future is streaming not physical media.

I noticed you said your steaming it using chrome I find tidal sounds best through its own app. I've been using it on a dedicated mini pc from Asus that has an optical out plugged into my dac with nothing on the pc (win 10) doing anything to the output.

Now I thought Tidal used the highest resolution available maybe one of you can expand on that.

With Win7 PC, in order to send  high bit  USB stream, I have to use foobar and download drivers for that articular DAC (such as Oppo and Fiio), Winthin Foobar, have to select WASP. In Apple, it is much intuitive. Oppo Tidal app is so easy for me with the Ipad, If like to watch live music from Berlin Philharmonic, the Oppo has a similar app allow you to watch it live.

Tidal streams at 44.1/16 for $20 a month or mp3 for $10 a month. They have said that they were going to work with MQA to provide high-res (greater than 44.1/16) streaming, but last I heard that was on hold.

Streaming services often call 44.1/16 resolution high-res causing confusion amongst audiophiles.

ClassicsOnline streaming mostly 96k/24b. Bit rate 2300kbps. The sound is definitely better than rbcd.