Tidal SQ over comcast internet

Hello all,

Has anyone with a comcast X1 all-in-one modem
(gateway/phone/internet) improved the
sound from their Tidal stream using other devices
(swapped modem, fiber router, FMCs, switches etc)
ahead of the streamer? If so, I'd appreciate some

I use 3 ports on the comcast supplied Arris TG1682G,
cables are ~6' to my Node2 for music, ~4' to the TV,
~8' to a BR player, toslink from TV into the node2
and then coax out to the DAC. The node2 acts as a
preamp of sorts, controlling switching and volume.


I'm surprised there have been no responses to this question...

The routers built in to the new XFI gateways are supposed to be pretty good. This would allow me to get rid of the router and it's associated wall wart power supply, and the Ethernet cable between the modem and the router. I do use an Ethernet cable to my streamer rather than Wifi, but I do stream video via Wifi to various parts of the house, so it would have to be equal to my Netgear R7000 for that purpose. Given how much attention everyone pays to the Ethernet components and power supplies, I can't help but think that fewer components, cables and wall warts would be better. The obvious exception would be those people that need switches for extra needed ports.

Hopefully someone can chime in.