Tidal speakers in 2015

It seems like there has been a relative lack of discussion about the Tidal brand as of late. For example, in threads where folks ask "what are some great monitors you might recommend," Tidal is rarely (if ever) mentioned.

Given this, I was wondering about the state of the brand today (in the year 2015). Are they still very much actively producing speakers? If they are, are the speakers still considered extremely high quality, relative to the latest offerings by other manufacturers?
They sounded pretty great at Cap Audio Fest last month in both the Bricasti room and The Voice That Is room. Clearly candidates for best sound at the show. Cheers,
They are better then ever before!
Ditto for their equally as unique electronics!

They aren't going anywhere but up.

Just look beyond our shores to Europe, Asia and beyond.

They really don't even target the USA because they do not HAVE to!
Tidal are right up there with Gauder, Avalon & Marten in terms of implementation of Accutons. I have a lot of respect for Leif Olofsson (Owner/Designer of Marten) who did a cracker of a job on the Coltrane 3 which, like the latest generation of Tidal speakers, use the latest Accuton Cell Concept aluminum honeycomb sandwich dome bass drivers (only in the OEM graphite coated spec) which are right up there with the latest Magico S7 aluminium/graphene bass units. But Tidal make the most superb cabinets and I think qualitatively are on another level to Avalon and Marten. Gauder also make superb cabinets, however they're using older generation Accuton drivers (likely due to cost). As they say, you pays you gets.

I (personally) think Magico offer better bang for the buck which is helped by their unusually high percentage of in-house design and manufacture, which coincidentally allows greater design freedom, quality control & the ability to achieve tighter tolerances/driver matching.
I much appreciated the fully fitted Tidal display at Axpona. One of my favorite rooms.