Tidal Piano Cera or Magico S3

Since two weeks Iown a pair of pair of Tidal Piano Cera and I really enjoy those speakers. A friend came to listen them and he is liking them too in my system (Linn KDS/1 + darTZeel CTH-8550);
He told me that he is wishing to buy new speakers, at first glance he is thinking to try Magico S3 but he could listen to them only in a few weeks.
It seems that in North America Tidal Piano Cera and Magico S3 are about the same price (here in Europe Magico are much more expensive)
Is someone knowing those two pairs of speakers and help to compare them.
Thank for advices

I would recommend your friend should listen to the KEF Blades as well, the Blades are an amazing speaker for the money and will outperform the Magicos. They will not have as much treble resolution as the Diamond based Tidals but other than that it is is very hard to beat the overall level of performance you get in the Blades
Thank you for the advice, a local dealer is selling the Blades so I’ve heard them and my friend separately too (with Esotric and Pass electronics). Both of us were not very impressed with the listening, quite good but not outstanding and not worthing the selling price of 26000 euro ( official price of the S3 is 23000 euro, Tidal Piano Cera 15500 and about 26000 euro for Tidal Piano Diacera or Tidal Contriva, 14000 euro for B&W 802 Di, 13700 euro for Thiel 3.7).
My friend was vey impressed by the Magico S5 he heard at the Mubich Show two years ago, he could not go there this year, but will go later in the year to a show in Zurich, so any advice for speakers that worthing to listen is welcome.

How exactly will they out preform the Magico? These speakers completely falls apart when played above 90db, have no low bass to speak of, and sound opaque. They do look cool, but that’s about it. Completely different league then an S3 or the S5. I would even take the S1 over these.
Are you a dealer of KEF?