Tidal/OPPO streaming issue

I have been streaming Tidal through my oppo 105 for about five years at this point. Last night when I went down stairs to listen to music I got a window pop up on my Ipad screen that said invalid login token. I have never seen this before and could not get logged in no matter what I tried. I have a pair of Bose powered speakers upstairs hook to my computer
 just for non critical audio and could log in and browse/listen no problem. So I know my account is active and paid. Anyone else experience this and if so what was the fix? This is how I listen 90% of the time and almost every night for at least an hour or two. My only hobby/relaxation really. Very frustrating!
The Lumin app really takes some getting used to.  Kind of like an IPhone.  Just figure it out.  Anyway, to play a full album, when you find the album, click on the album picture and hold it.  Some icons will appear.  Select the one that has an arrow under the horizontal lines.  That should make the whole album play.  I also select favorites as soon as I can, so I have a long list of favorites.  Then I can go to the favorites and select the tracks icon, and then have music for hours.  
The only thing I can’t get this to do is make a radio station like Pandora or Spotify.  
Best of luck!
I did finally figure it out last night. I was opening the album before I tried to move selection to the play queue. I now know to long tough before moving. Much happier than before. I'll probably love this thing. I have zero issues with the sound quality. I wanted to be able to take advantage of MQA decoding and Qobuz. I'm not sure there is startling difference but I now can at least use them if I want.
i have an Oppo 103 and Tidal is built in.  works well, you just need to find it on the bottom menu and sign in.  what i miss is Spotify which is not supported by OPPO

Like many of you, I felt I needed to bite the bullet and find an alternate way to access Tidal as Oppo is not likely to update its 2015 iOS app. I noticed several posts re the Node 2i, so here’s my experience.

I recently purchased the Node 2i after reading some favorable reviews. It does have a nice iOS app and is very easy to use. I tried it via its own DAC into my amp, as well as sending its digital output via both optical and coax to the Oppo DAC. The sound was always disappointing compared with Tidal directly via Oppo, even though MQA playback was a bit better than 44.1.

After a few days it went back. 

I now have the Pro-Ject Digital Pre S2 DAC. This tiny box is really impressive. I am now playing the Tidal app via my MacBook Pro fed via USB into the S2. The sound on standard 44.1 files is excellent. MQA seems a mixed bag. I find older material (John Coltrane) isn’t really helped much but some new jazz and classical (what I mostly listen to) material is really impressive. DGG’s Beethoven violin concerto with the Munich Philharmonic, and Vijay Iyer’s Its Far From Over were good examples. 

The Project box has a more detailed sound with darker backgrounds than the Oppo. It’s good enough that I am torn on whether it sounds better than the Oppo. Both let me close my eyes and suspend disbelief enough to be drawn into the music (despite being saddled with a computer on my lap as I listen with the S2). So for $500 I found a solution that suits me.

The system I listen through: NAD 375 BEE amp, Vandersteen 2 CE speakers, one Vandersteen 2WQ sub. 

I using OPPO 105. Initially it did not work (pressed play button and the song did not play) and I tried to switch to "hifi" (from "normal") and it worked.