Tidal/OPPO streaming issue

I have been streaming Tidal through my oppo 105 for about five years at this point. Last night when I went down stairs to listen to music I got a window pop up on my Ipad screen that said invalid login token. I have never seen this before and could not get logged in no matter what I tried. I have a pair of Bose powered speakers upstairs hook to my computer
 just for non critical audio and could log in and browse/listen no problem. So I know my account is active and paid. Anyone else experience this and if so what was the fix? This is how I listen 90% of the time and almost every night for at least an hour or two. My only hobby/relaxation really. Very frustrating!
I think I will pull the trigger on Bluesound Node2i tomorrow. I have gotten so used to streaming that most of the music I have been listening to lately I do not own, I just rent.
No streaming on the Oppo 203 or 205.
Is the Oppo plug into a CAT 5 or are you using wireless? I am also thinking about buying a Bluesound Node, any thoughts? What other streamer is better for $500? thanks .


 At its price point, the Bluesound is hard to beat. 
I am having the same issue. I read on another site it might be a licensing issue. I am not sure what I will do from here, I have a 103 and a 105.