Tidal only plays right channel, help!

I use Tidal in two systems in my house. My work set up streams from a PC through a Dragonfly and I have no problems with it. My main rig streams from a Mac Mini through a Mytek Brooklyn. When it works the sound is very good but usually five minutes after I start it up the left channel disappears. No amount of fiddling with the computer's settings seems to affect it. The left usually returns in ten minutes or so. It's not the stereo, left channel is fine with all other inputs. Anyone have thoughts?
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Still no resolution. A few times I have been fiddling with the system and suddenly it starts to work but apparently that’s coincidental and not repeatable.
Put a fan on your DAC. :)

No, seriously. I have a Brooklyn and it seemed to be super sensitive to heat issues. When I left it on it's own open-air rack and used an external PS it seemed to get a lot less fidgety. Problem gets worse with high resolution playback.

So, turn it off for 20 minutes, put a fan on it, and try it.

If this is true for you, it's worth getting a replacement, it is NOT how they should work.
Why do't you try to use the Brooklyn as a preamp/volume control for a few days and remove your preamp from the signal chain? 
It seems stupid but logging out of Tidal and re-logging in seems to cure the problem. I hope that's it because I've had more than one "cure" that didn't last.