Best Buy is offering today only, (it's one of their deals of the day) a year of TIDAL Hi-Fi for just $49.99!


What a great deal.  Not affiliated in any way...
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Thanks. I got the email a couple of minutes after I posted. Been on the fence about trying Tidal. At that price, it was a no brainer.
Thank You @mofimadness 
Now I have 2 problems.
I cannot get the Android app to control the desktop app. And the Tidal playback is much better than my file based (FLAC) playback using Foobar. The hardware is same for both playback. But Tidal sounds amazingly detailed and musical at the same time. Amazingly tight bass and spacious.
Of course Tidal massacred Spotify, as expected. Nothing new there. The definition inTidal playback is so good that it seems I was committing a crime by subscribing to Spotify.
@jpwarren58 I was wondering the same thing. LMK if you find out, I’ll do the same. 
Thank you Mofimadness!  My free trial ends in two weeks so this worked out for me.
Thank you mofimadness for the heads up! I had cancelled Tidal a few months ago. I was able to use my old Tidal email address and password to login to Tidal through my Roon account. All the albums from Tidal that I had put into my Roon library before were re-populated. Very cool.