Tidal now on Squeezebox, no need for Ickstream

I just discovered that the Tidal app has been added to Squeezebox. I have been accessing Tidal HiFi through the Ickstream "helper" app on my Squeezebox Touch, but, after streaming direct through the Tidal app, I have noticeably better resolution than streaming Tidal through Ickstream.

Anybody else added the Tidal app to your Squeezebox player after using Ickstream? Did you experience the same improvement in the quality of resolution?
ncarv...glad to hear that ickstream, (or whoever) finally got the Tidal app done.

I was a beta tester for ickstream with my Squeezebox Duet. However, after about 3 months I got very frustrated with all the dropout issues that I finally gave up and bought a Sonos Connect.

I've had zero problems with it and I think it actually sounds better than the Duet, (when it was working).

I must give kudos to the ickstream team.  They were very responsive and quick to try to help and assist with the problems.

Maybe I'll dig out the Duet and try it again and see if it works and how it sounds.

Thanks for the update!
When I first started Tidal about a year ago, I had problems with tracks skipping to the next track in the middle of a song. Tidal was very cooperative and resolved the problem.

Now, both before and after using the Tidal app, it is doing that again. Tidal told me to change the DNS. I don't know why this would matter, but don't know on which device to change it, the PC or the router, or the iPad that I use as a contoller with the SB app.
Thanks- tried it this morning and it worked great, this evening no luck- will try and delete and start over I guess...
Seems to be working fine on my (2) Squeezebox Radios.  Haven't tried it on my Duet yet.
Very excited about this development.  Have been using Ickstream for six months with very few problems.  I have installed the new Tidal app but cannot get it to show up in My Apps or anywhere on my Touch itself.  Computer audio has taught me a great deal about patience.
cymbop...you need to go to mysqueezebox.com and add it to your list of apps.  Then you need to sign into Tidal from mysqueezebox.com and make sure it shows up where you want it.
Thanks, Mofi!  At mysqueezebox.com I'm seeing Tidal in My Apps but there's no prompt to sign into Tidal from there.  Does Ickstream need to be deleted perhaps?  (Was looking forward to having them both to A/B the quality.)
I’m in business!  Had to do a factory reset on the Touch in order to re- log into mysqueezebox.com from the Touch.  Can’t wait to give a close listen tonight.
cymbop...did you "install" the Tidal app from mysqueezebox.com?  If you did, right under the "install" button is a "configure" button.  You will still need to do that because that is where you log your Squeezebox system(s) into Tidal.  Then once you're in the configure tab there are (2) additional tabs marked "Account Settings" & "Player Settings".
Yes have tried this and found the sound to be much improved. Also the streaming is smoother. However I am now having difficulty adding artists to favourites. Before I would just log into tidal on my PC and any playlists or artists added there would then show uo on the squeezebox touch. Not any more ??