Tidal not working on mac mini

After years my tidal is not working on my mac mini, i can use it from the internet but the app logs me in and then says i need to log in. I would be fine just using the online version but I need the app version to run roon. Any thoughts? Is the mac mini obsolete?
by the way the tidal support is very frustrating. After explaining the problem in detail including the fact that I could access it from my phone and the computer through the internet the "support guy" said oh no problem I have reset your password. That wasnt the problem, then he said the app didnt install correctly, I installed it years ago. Then he has disappeared no response since last night, great "customer service". Time to buy a cd transport
thank you jond. I did, but still the same error (unable to log on)

Update: after hours of waiting and resubmitting all the info I sent last night here is a copy of the email I received from support ( an email that is just the letter d) - so frustrating

Annette (TIDAL)Sep 19, 1:56 PM EDT


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I concur, Tidal customer support is wanting. But, on the bright side, Quobuz should be coming soon. I think I will be cancelling my subscription anyway, as their catalog is impossible to divine for classical music. $20 bucks a month and I really don't use it unless a high rez album comes out that I want to listen to.
I did have the same issue with Tidal approx 4 weeks ago and yes same b.s. responses from customer support.
My fix was a little drastic but worked.
First I cancelled my tidal subscription, then uninstalled the app.
Gave it a day then reinstalled the app and the rejoined Tidal.
It worked and no recurrence since.

Good luck.
1967, I’m having the same issue with mconnect accessing tidal on my ps audio Directstream jr. I have the mconnect app on my iPad and iPod and has worked fine until today. Now tidal keeps asking me to log in with no success. 
I am afraid it appears to be a Tidal foobar as it has just happened to me tonight again and I am not going through same farce as previously described to fix it.

Looks like Quboz may be getting my business after all when it launches! 
My Tidal access was down last evening which I noticed about 10pm EST.  Normally accessed through Roon.  After trying to access directly it appeared Tidal was having some technical difficulties.  This morning (9 hours later) I was able to log in and everything is back to full function.  Noted some other comments in Roon Community that Tidal was down last night.
I have not tried this morning yet but this is getting to be fairly annoying and too regular,will be looking very closely at Quboz when it releases here
So last night Tidal went out on my streamer, Auralic Aries Mini but the app was working fine on my Iphone. Very weird it literally just cutout mid-song. I hope it's working today!
I just logged off and back on and all my Tidal information has returned and it seems fine.
Exactly what happened to me cut out part way through a track, but I could not log back on either through Bluos or the Tidal app on my android.

This morning tried about 1 hour ago, is now working.

Bad Tidal, Bad!
Same issues for me last night via Bluesound Node 2.  Service was back to normal by late evening.  Clearly Tidal had a server-side problem that they fixed.  Honestly over the last year this is the first time this has happened and they fixed it within a few hours.  I wouldn't be too quick to bash Tidal as their service has been really reliable over the course of a year, at least for me.
Glad your service has been good, unfortunately a number have had issues including myself.

I love the quality but there have been just a few too many issues and customer service is not too hot.
Perhaps I'm just lucky so far with my service.  I have admit, the customer service experiences you guys have described above are pathetic....including the letter "d" email response!  Fortunately I havent had a need to reach out to customer service.