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Hi Audiogoners,
Is there any advantage to subscribe to Tidal Hifi if we don't have the MQA decoder in our DAC?

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Thank you all.
i will continue subscribe to Tidal Hifi. I was thinking of downgraded to Premium hence the question.
its good to have community to support the new learner to digital like me.

One way you can always test is to stop or downgrade the service and see if you notice. I'm doing the 4 month trial that Tidal was offering. I figured I'll keep it for that time period, and then switch back to Spotify. I honestly fully expect to miss it, but if I don't I'll just save my money. I do have vinyl and CD to keep me busy anyway. 
I have Tidal and really enjoy the music library. For mobile streaming, HiRes music signal sometimes will drop off due to reception quality. Sportify MP320 would be the choice. Anyway, music is not just sound quality. Tidal 16/44.1k would be good enough if not better than Qobuz 24/96k. I have an Oppo105D which as Tidal App build in. So I will stay with Tidal.
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