TIDAL Master Quality

Who are 99% of remastered tracks on tidal so annoying both as a listening and sound stage experience.
What exactly is the point.?
Some tracks I actually don't even recognize the original production.

Thank god for vinyl.

It's the Bluetooth link. Need to get that stream to the MDAC by wire or WiFi. Most of the  benefit of MQA is lost using Bluetooth. Maybe in the future but not with 4.0 
I checked the review of your DAC. I did not see MQA mentioned in the review. Tidal Masters is MQA coding. I don't believe your DAC will properly unfold MQA coding.

Did I misunderstand, or are you trying to play MQA files (Tidal Masters) on a DAC that does not support MQA?

MQA file can still play through non-MQA DAC as 44.1kHz/16bit, or do 1st unfold to 48Khz/24bit (on PC). If you have a MQA capable DAC, you can either let DAC to do both unfold (to 96kHz/24bid) or let PC do 1st unfold and let DAC to the 2nd. I prefrer direct wired (no Wifi, No blue tooth)
Is this another one of those threads ‘I love vinyl and everything else is crap’.

Does all of your recordings sound awesome on Vinyl? I think not. Regardless of the format, the sound quality of any recording depends on the original master.

Whatever you do please don’t run TIDAL via pc or iMac. Get a all purpose built audio streamer and run it hardwired to your modem.
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