Tidal HiFi in car with B&W speakers ?

I just ordered BMW X5 with a Bowers and Wilkins system. Is it possible to stream tidal hifi via an iPhone 6s over bluetooth to my system without a loss? If this is not possible, would a USB to lighting preserve the hi Res signal? 
What about car play? How would you verify this?  Is there a better way to connect? 
you could using airplay or android interface from your phone to your car, I do it in my mustang occasionally. Just keep in mind your going to go through a $#&$%% ton of data, steaming music is not data friendly.  The music sat service is way cheaper, if not as high quality streams, but its your car so your competing with road noise and other traffic noise etc. so not as big an issue. 
It is my understanding that streaming Tidal HiRes will use a ton of data.  I just download albums to my iPhone and connect via the USB port.  If you have Apple CarPlay, it will play MQA downloads.  My wife's car (without Apple CarPlay) will play 16/44 FLAC files, but gets an error message when you try to play an MQA download.