Tidal Hifi has a very limited jazz selection

I formerly had Spotify's service at $10 a month and upgraded to the Tidal Hifi and the quality of their stream is decidedly better, but Tidal's jazz catalogue of jazz, compared to Spotify, is abysmal.   I think will go back to Spotify for their vastly deeper selection of jazz, which is my only musical interest.  What are my alternatives?
Spotify does have more jazz content but I'm unwilling to give up the obvious SQ delivered by Tidal.  Perhaps QOBUZ is an option, depending on where you live.  Anyone know the when US service may become available for QOBUZ?
Tidal has an excellent  jazz collection not as big as Spotify but still large and varied. I cannot listen to Spotify the quality is just too poor.
Just out of curiosity, what are you looking for that you can't find on Tidal? I listen almost exclusively to jazz and find the selection to be pretty good, even for the more esoteric stuff like Human Feel or AlasNoAxis. Sure, there are holes. But there's a ton of great music there, at least for me.
Some of the problem is that Tidal's catalog requires assiduous effort to find the albums one is looking for. 
You practically have to type the whole title, and then hope it is available.
I am looking for straight ahead jazz pretty much only, from the late 50's onward.  Stan Getz, Miles Davis, Paul Desmond, Gerry Mulligan, Wayne Shorter, Kenny Burrells, John Coltrane, Benny Golson, Errol Garner, Blue Mitchell, Bill Watrous... you get the idea.  I formerly had Spotify and, insofar as my taste in music goes, their catalogue is deeper by a factor of 3 or 4.  I am a heretic in saying that I thought the stream from Spotify was quite acceptable to my ears (I have McCormack and Pass Labs amps, a Don Sachs tube preamp, and Spatial Audio M4 Triode Master speakers) and I might just return to their services until some service with a deeper catalogue of jazz comes along.  
I'm a jazz guy as well that uses Spotify. I tried Tidal for a while but compared to Spotify's library it was truly lacking. For me the music is more important. I listen in the car, I listen thru my HT system, and thru my main rig in my listening room. My main system is head and shoulders above the other two, but I don't poo poo the sound  as poor quality. It's the music that matters to me.
I was just re-subscibing to Spotify when your post arrived so we are simpatico.  "It's the music that matters to me" is just the way I am thinking.  Spotify has a deep jazz catalogue.  Thanks for the affirmation.  
I don't get it. I listen to those guys, too, though mostly on vinyl, and don't really see the lack. A quick search for Coltrane resulted in all the Atlantic recordings, and what looks to be all the Impulse records, too. Even the newish releases of Live at Temple and the complete Sunship sessions are there. But to each their own.
Fair enough, but I personally find a significant lacuna in their jazz catalogue compared to Spotify.  On an associated note, I am presently listening to the Jazz 24 feed from KNKX in Seattle, which I reckon it is no better than a 320 kps, but it sounds outstanding.  Very listenable.  For 65 year old ears like mine, Spotify premium might well suffice.  
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Qobuz should have a really good catalog for Jazz , not sure if Qobuz is available at your place.
Is it pretty much a fact that Qobuz has a much more extensive jazz library? I see they advertise 170,000 albums in hi-res audio quality (total, not jazz alone). Anyone know how that compares to Tidal? I would switch in heartbeat to Qobuz when available in the US for more jazz and more hi-res.
gdnrbob2,064 posts10-23-2018 2:24pmSome of the problem is that Tidal's catalog requires assiduous effort to find the albums one is looking for.
You practically have to type the whole title, and then hope it is available.

As Gbnrbob notes, I now find the most of the desired jazz recordings are available on Tidal Hifi, but not on the obvious album art that shows up when you select an artist.  You do often have to type in the whole Artist/Recording and then it most often shows up.  My industry insider suggests that Tidal's business model is not doing well, so I patiently await the roll out of Qubuz. Streaming Redbook quality for $20 a month is wonderful.