Tidal does not post the cost to buy a song or an album on their site

Seeking to find out about streaming. I know Tidal charges $19.99 per month for listening to  high fidelity music on their site. But what if you want to purchase a song or an album? What is the cost?  There is no phone customer service phone number  that I could find to call and inquire. They do provide "Answers to frequently Asked Questions". I am surprised that nobody has asked the cost to purchase a song or an album. If I missed the information I have requested, would appreciate if somebody who used Tidal could provide assistance.  Thank you.  
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Like many others, I find Tidal to be a phenomenal deal. I love the fact that for $20/month I get such a wide variety of hi-fi quality music. Thanks to Tidal and this forum, I have discovered all sorts of new artists I might never have found.

Some people, like the OP, need the personal touch - a knowledgeable phone rep to hold your hand and explain the finer points. Frankly, to me, the less human interaction needed, the better. With the right online resources, I’ll solve whatever my problem is on my own with less time and energy than what goes into a typical customer service phone call. It sounds like the OP doesn’t like the "social contract" of online business. We give you low prices and high value, but the cost will be attentive personal service. Few online businesses can afford to provide all three of those and still be profitable.

As for "purchasing" music. I just buy the CD used on Amazon. It costs about the same, or cheaper, and then I have my own physical copy to do with what I want.
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Here’s my question: When a Tidal subscription lapses and downloaded tracks/albums will no longer play, does that imply that there’s some sort of DRM code embedded in the data? If so, does that digital watermark in any way degrade the fidelity? I haven’t noticed, but perhaps I’ve not got the late HP’s ears. Comments? Thoughts?

The tracks once downloaded are encrypted and held in storage. The app then validates that your subscription status is good and unencrypts the tracks for playback through the app. If you try and access these tracks outside of the app, through a file explorer, etc they won’t play for this reason. None of this has any audible impact on the sound.
I’ve used Tidal about 3 months. 
The convenience and SQ is worth the $20/mo to me.

I did not know you could download albums for use online until recently. This is the way to go, because: 
When I was streaming Tidal hires on my phone, I exceeded the cap on my data transfer plan, and ended up paying an extra fee of $20 or so for that month. 

Lesson learned, now I download the music so I stay within my data plan limits. 
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