Tidal Desktop app with Chromecast Audio - not casting

I have a Chomecast audio connected to a Cambridge CXA80 integrated via toslink/mini and it sounds fantastic, streaming Tidal from iPad, Galaxy S7, iMac (OS Sierra) and my work laptop (windows 7).

However, when I use the Tidal Desktop app on the iMac and Dell Laptop, I can not "cast" any audio. The Tidal web browser on each computer has the casting option and finds the Chromecast instantly, but you don’t have access to the new "Masters" section on the web browser, you have to install the desktop app.

I have gone through Google’s Chromecast audio setup, FAQ, Forums with out any luck. I’ve also gone through all of each computer’s setup/preferences. Neither computer can find the Chromecast audio.

The chromecast is running on my home network, as are both computers.

The end goal is to stream Tidal Masters via the desktop app to the Chromecast Audio. If I can get both computer to stream, great! But I’d settle for just one..

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I'm not a Tidal user and don't have any experience with it. However, I did find this:

From Tidal's "Supported Devices Page:

"** Currently TIDAL Masters audio is supported via our desktop application only."

Seems Masters is not available from the browser. You need to install/run the desktop app.

Thanks for the reply. That is part of the problem. I have the desktop app on both computers, but they will not cast. Only way I’m able to cast on each computer is through the browser, which like you stated does not include the Masters for streaming.
I just had another thought.  My computer is about 16ft away from my system.  Could I get a 5m USB cable and use that instead of trying to connect wirelessly?  Would a Toslink Full-to-Mini cable work out of the computer's headphone output?  

I'm worried that the length might degrade the sound having cables that long.

Anyone ever tried this with 5m cables?
Heres is my work around.

You have to stream in Google Chrome. I have not found a way to stream via the app on my Macbook. 

Once you have Tidal open in Chrome then you can stream.

I too use the Chromecast audio.

I use the iPad app as well and that stream fine.


Yes, that seems the only way to do it for now.  Hopefully Tidal adds their Masters library to the web browser.  
Doesn't Chromecast transmit directly from the WiFi router?  If so, the Tidal desktop app wouldn't be in the loop.

That makes more sense to me, but i'm not very computer savy.  All I know is that tidal.com + the tidal app on tablets and cell phones works flawlessly with Chromecast.  Desktop app works with apple tv (limited to 16/44, unfortunately) but not with CC.  I tried changing the computer's audio outputs, but neither of them can find the CC.

I'm starting to think a wired connection is the only way to stream the Masters to my DAC.  Unfortunately both computers are not very close to the DAC.

The laptop can always sit on my rig, and I've done that, sounds great.  I really would like to have the luxury of not having to get up from my listening position every time I would like to change songs/albums.  
@robelvick Re: Tidal remote control for a Windows pc - with Masters playback.

A Windows 7 laptop is dedicated to my rig where it permanently lives on the equipment rack. It has the Tidal desktop app. The laptop is hardwired to a streamer via a short USB cable. By my listening chair, I have Windows Surface RT tablet that functions as wireless remote control. It works perfectly. This approach guarantees that the Tidal Masters will play on your system - assuming that you have MQA on your streamer and/or dac. This set-up also supports playing HD quality audio from any website.

A Windows Surface RT tablet can be picked up very inexpensively on Ebay since it was discontinued long ago. Both units have the Windows Remote Desktop app baked into their operating systems. Simply call up the app on each unit and connect them. When first initiating the Remote Desktop app on the dedicated laptop, BE SURE to check that the sound output is not remote controlled. Otherwise, Tidal will play on the Surface speakers. On the Surface RT, create an icon for the app on the desktop. Check SAVE settings. From then on, you don’t need to log-in every time. But, you do need to click on the icon on the Surface to open up the app to start each listening session - if you turn off either unit. This works great for all Windows pc’s. (The Remote Desktop app from the MS store doesn’t work.) Enjoy!

Thanks for the reply.  Your setup is exactly what I would like to do.

I did however, do some more research, and I don't think my integrated even supports MQA.  Here are the specs - 

The Chromecast for sure doesn't support, so it looks like there is much more I need to consider to achieve my main goal.

So it goes..


After putting some more thought into my debacle, I came to the decision that I did not want to change my whole rig just to accommodate being able to play MQA from Tidal (I mainly listen to vinyl anyway).

I took another route.

Purchased a HRT Music Streamer II+ , a 5m Audioquest Golden Gate USB & Golden Gate RCA and hooked that up to my iMac.  This was my way of solving the distance problem from my the iMac to the CXA80.  I tried some 16ft USBs previously to cut out the middleman and go direct, but the sound quality was poor, and I had to have the cable going across my room.

I have been trying out some mirroring apps on my iPad (all free) and while they're a little hard to navigate, the do let me access Tidal Masters from the iMac desktop, all from the comfort of my love seat/listening position.  

The HRT DAC doesn't support MQA, but it does support 24/96 which is what the front panel' LED reads when I play Masters (switches back to 48 when playing regular albums on Tidal, and ALAC from iTunes).  I also have other 24/96 albums on my hard drive which I can access through the iPad.

I'm sure there were other solutions out there, but for under $350 it didn't hurt the piggy bank too much.  No chords and cables going across the room, and didn't have to move any computers or furniture.

Oh, and the sound... Well it's tremendous (lots of positive reviews online for the HRT Music Streamer).  Now I don't have to get out of my seat, and my ears are happy.  Need to figure out where to relocate the Chromecast though...