Tidal, Deezer

Could someone with experience with music subscription services please advise. My confusion is that these music services advertise that you can download music for offline listening. Wouldn't that be putting music files in your storage...creating a music library? I have had itunes and rhapsody, both of which you can download music files into your computer. Surely there must be others you can do the same? Thanks for any advice
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to answer some of the questions:
Metadata-who cares.  I'm listening, not looking
Why download/offline-I travel a heck of a lot.  Can't get data at 30k feet or when driving in the back country.  Also, my turntable doesn't work in my car.
Quality-it's quite good.  Remember the limitations in car audio or $200 headphones.  At work I have a nice system and actually stream tidal through my Chord Hugo and it sounds very nice.  Yes, I can get better resolution at home with my main system but my turntable works fine there.
Finally, I like playlists, either streaming or offline.  Sometimes I'm lazy or preoccupied.  
Don't like iTunes audio files, Tidal and Deezer music are music streams, which are cache files. You can download them as local files via the official way. 
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