Tidal Contriva Diacera or Aerial 20T V2

I heard the Aerial 20T V2 I like them, not listen the Tidal
Anyone compare them.
Room size: 8m x 5m x 2.5m.
Viola SS amps/preamp AMR CD77 Player, Elrod Statement IC/PC/SC.
I listen: Jazz / Blues / Rock.

Thanks for all.

One sounds like very clean "hifi" one sounds like music...If it's the latter your after go with the Tidal product and check out they're "SE" model!

Good luck,

My view is opposite to Azjake. As good as Tidal is, ceramic drivers in general do sound much leaner and drier which translates to more hi-fi sound. Tidal does a good job in integrating fine drives with good crossover, but you can't remove the driver sound completely. As for diamond tweeter, that's another can of worms.
Agree entirely with Azjake, of all the speakers I've heard over the last few years, Tidals are perfect examples of a very rare breed that can let you forget you're listening to "gear" of whatever nature. Be it Contriva or any other model, the performance is pure and highly emotional, in one word: music.

Btw, my digital source is AMR CD77 also, it is an excellent match since that cdp "understands" music as well.
Although I havent heard the Aerial the Tidal Contriva Diacera is out of this world and a class by itself. It sounds like nothing else you have experienced so far.

It will be my next purchase.

You don't even need the Diacera. Just the Tidal Contriva itself is miles ahead of the Aerial 20T (I have only listened to the previous version of Aerial)
Mike, the Verity is absolutely world class. What does the Tidal have that the Verity does not?
Linkster the Sarastro is an amazing speaker for all kinds of unamplfied music.

But I think Tidal sounds like nothing at all, more than any other speaker I have auditioned. It doesnt have preferences in music, and you can also upgrade it later to Diacera. I really think that you have to listen to a Tidal (not you, hehehe) to really understand what it is about! As a friend of mine is said it is like you are directly connected with the studio that the music was recorded.
So it sounds as if you're inclined to go with the Contriva an opposed to the Contriva Diacera SE with upgrades considered at a later time?
Hi Argyro. Regarding preference in music. I am not sure about up the Tidal line, but in the Piano series, at least according Jorn, the type of music does make a difference. What they told me is the Piano Cera is a better speaker overall than the Piano Classic, but for the type of music I listen to, rock/pop mainly, the Piano Classic would be a better fit. They explained the Cera is more revealing and will show a recording is really bad, and of course a lot of rock/pop recordings are, but the Piano Classic will still make music out of less than stellar recordings.
Yes Linkster I will probably go for the normal contriva and later on i will upgrade when case I am "hit" from the known disease of upgraditis....LMAO

Kclone I understand that, thats normal, In case of Verity though the sound is just too soft and laid back for rock, metal, drums etc.

Can't wait to order them, I have a hard time sleeping at night when thinking of the Conriva's,,,I wonder what I am going to tell my girlfriend this time....LOL
Mike, you may pleasantly surprised with the performance of the standard Contriva. I for one am blown away as to how extraordinary my Piano Ceras are and can't imagine that the Diacera upgrade (at almost twice the price) would offer a level of improvement commensurate with the additional expense. There is no SE option offered for the Piano Cera or Piano Diacera.
I have heard the normal Contriva several times both in my country and at the Munich High end show last year and I AM blown away! :)
Which Better the IC / SC / PC Cables for Tidal Contriva
Diacera SE?
The best cables you can use with Tidal speakers are the Argento. The SE edition of the Tidal Contriva Diacera is using Argento cable internally from the speaker connectors to the crossover
Rilou, based on a number of extensive hearing sessions, an ideal pairing can be achieved with Argento Flow cables (serious investment, sadly). In any case, of prime importance is not to use a cable that has a "damped" sonic footprint, also it is essential for the cable to be as "fast" as the speakers themselves!

With my own Contrivas (not Diacera), I use Virtual Dynamics Revelation as SC and as IC between Tidal Preos and Intra (VooDoo Vajra as PC to Preos and Intra). I still have a set of Purist Venustas SC and IC that I used before. As beautiful (what's in a name ...) as Venustas sounded, Revelation is, well, ... more revelatory without sounding cold, fragmented or harsh, which is the other extreme to avoid.

I know the above appears obvious and has been repeated ad infinitum in the context of other speakers. But the essential requirement with these speakers is one REALLY, REALLY wants them to sound as they were intended: not warmer, not colder, no added grain, no swallowing of detail or messing with the timing. You just want the music to "Flow" (... and so, I'm back where I started ;^))
I wouldn't go for anythilng less than argento "organic" series!
George, am I correct in the assumption that the internal wire in the Contriva Diacera SE from the crossover to the drivers is the same on all versions of the Contriva (and the same as what is used in the Contriva and the Amea/Piano)?
I think all the SE Versions are wired internally with Argento Flow!
Mike, I think Geopolitis may be right on this one, although it does seem to make more sense to have all internal wiring the same. I know there is no SE option offered on the Piano (classic and Cera) and Amea. That being said, the Diacera versions (Amea/Piano) have crossovers optimized for the diamond tweeters and that could encompass a different type of internal wire.

I believe that the SE version of Contriva Diacera has the Argento Flow Maste Reference inside.... It is very expensive cable so that makes a significant difference in the price
Anyone used diferente Interconnects and speakers cable.
for exemple: Elrod Statement Gold, Argento, and Stage 3
Concepts made in California.
I am using the Stage 3 Magnus speaker cable and most likely will be ordering the same interconnects soon (with the Tidal Piano Cera).
...the tidal speakers ..the whole line..is in a class by itself...having just heard the piano cera at the axpona show in jacksonville,fla ..thursday and friday...it was the best sounding speaker there...no doubt about it and by far..the most emotionally involving speaker i have ever heard...almost everyone who came into the room thought likewise..i have heard the aerial 20ts and there is no comparison..i will be buying a pair of the contriva diacera -se's later on this year..
Welcome to the inner circle Calloway!
Calloway, now you know what I know! My brief time with the Piano Cera has been absolutely reveletory. As I write this I am out of town and I can hardly wait to get back!
linkster....after hearing them at axpona i can fully understand what you mean...i currently am on the last 8 months of a porsche lease which i was going to purchase at the end....not now...i will be turning it back in and getting the contriva se or the diacera se...can't wait..
Calloway I would definetely do the same thing! lol
Interconnects and Speakers cables: for Contriva Diacera SE.
GO for STAGE III Reference Gryphon IC and Reference Mantikor SC or
ARGENTO Flow Master Reference IC and SC.
Rilou, I am unaware of the total cost of both alternatives. For the sake of argument, let's suppose they are equivalent.
If you are planning to go for a matching new set of IC and SC, then, my preference would go to Argento Flow. I repeat my previous statement: it is a combination "made in heaven"
To be sure, that is not a judgement on the intrinsic value of other products, but Tidal and Argento are completely symbiotic and therefore "a sure bet" that will probably not be topped.
Seeing as how this thread has morphed into discussions about Tidal and matching equipment it may be of greater value to continue this on the dedicated Tidal thread.
Open it Linkster, as the first owner of Piano Cera! :)
Anywhere to hear the Tidal's in the NYC area? With all this hype I am anxious to give them a listen.

yet again, keep it here, away from any retired , fired and tired reviewers out there... :~)
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