Tidal app install on a Samsung tv

I would like to install the Tidal app on my Samsung smart tv to watch the music videos.  I looked up the instructions and have hit a road block.
 I get to the point on the tv whereby an access code is shown and then instructed to log in to my Tidal account and enter the code.
The problem is there is no place/box in my Tidal screen to enter a code.  The screen shot of the Tidal account on my tv looks nothing like what I get when I log in to Tidal.
Has anyone been successful getting this accomplished?

You have probably tried this,  but just in case....
Yes, that is the instructions I followed.  But, as noted above there is no place to enter a code.
You must do it with a computer.
Not on your TV screen

I know that!  I was using both my iPad and iPhone.  

I am persistent and got it figured out.  The link.tidal.com is a bad link.
(At least when accessed outside of the Tidal app itself)

After logging into my Tidal account, I went to the help menu.  From there I went to the heading of link a Samsung tv.  The instructions were the same except for one small detail.  

Within the Help menu instructions was the ability to click on “link.tidal.com” which I proceeded to do.  From this new and different screen, I logged in.  Now the box appeared so I could enter the code from the tv screen.  

With the code entered, Tidal is now up and running on the tv.

So only use the link from within the Tidal app itself.
Tidal account
Menu  (  up  right  )
Tidal Integration  and Partners
Smart TV & Streamers

You are persistent  indeed
I would have never find it  without your informations