Tidal and Squeezebox

In case there are other Squeezebox users out there who were wondering about this...I can tell you it works beautifully.

Linked up my Tidal account through Squeeze server; playing perfectly over home network to Squeezebox Touch into external DAC. Just when I was about to mothball the Squeezebox, it lives again!

As an added bonus, using SqueezeCtrl Android app (by AngryGoat) i'm fully able to remote control Tidal/Squeezebox. This was the solution i've been looking for! Now I just need to find another Squeezebox Touch. 

The Squeeze was way ahead of its time.


Has anyone else stumbled onto this yet?

I run LMS on a Innous Zenith and a Synology NAS. 
  • The Zenith is in my main system, it is synchronized with a SqueezeBox Duet connected to a secondary system in my rec room.
  • The Synology NAS is connected to a Raspberry PI in my home office and 4 AirPlay speakers via the AirPlay bridge plugin in the family room, living room, and guest bedroom. 
I synchronize them all when I want true whole house stereo.

The Zenith plays MQA through my NAD M12 pre/dac.  I love the sound.
I replaced my squeezebox/computer set up with an Aurender N10 and the sound improvement is absolutely amazing.  
I use the Touch for internet streaming, e g Tidal, but their Masters sound notably better in my home office (using a Steinberg UR22 DAC with the Windows Tidal interface) than through the Touch in my main rig in the living room. Mostly due to the 24 / 96 limit of the Touch (I think) and maybe also a bit due to a long ethernet cable. A dramatic demonstration: playing the same DSD recording of a vinyl LP either 1) through the Tascam DA3000 or 2) through the Touch. In analog terms - the Touch sounds like it is three more copies away from the master. This is tested using the Tascam DAC (not perfect, but clearly better than the Touch DAC), also when playing from the Touch.

I have grown to like the Touch for what it does, I like the server app too, and I wonder, what could be done, so that it could recognize DSD and pass it along unharmed - native or "raw". Without users paying a lot for big-term dacs or streamers with many options not needed.
A Raspberry Pi with current piCorePlayer supports native DSD if your DAC does.  You need to select "Native/DoP DSD Squeezelite" in the web interface.