Tidal and Squeezebox

In case there are other Squeezebox users out there who were wondering about this...I can tell you it works beautifully.

Linked up my Tidal account through Squeeze server; playing perfectly over home network to Squeezebox Touch into external DAC. Just when I was about to mothball the Squeezebox, it lives again!

As an added bonus, using SqueezeCtrl Android app (by AngryGoat) i'm fully able to remote control Tidal/Squeezebox. This was the solution i've been looking for! Now I just need to find another Squeezebox Touch. 

The Squeeze was way ahead of its time.


Has anyone else stumbled onto this yet?


Yep, the Squeezebox Touch (SBT) does work, up to 96 kHz/24 bit digital output. You can also use SqueezeLite to convert any laptop/pc into a virtual SB player. :) Should also be able to use it with Rasberyy PI variants as well. I think there’s a kit out there to create a SB clone, now that they are gone from the market.

On my Linux media server, SqueezeLIte does very well with 384kHz PCM and 2xDSD over S/PDIF to my Mytek Brooklyn. Sadly, this only works up to 2x DSD because of the limits in USB bandwidth. I don’t think it has a native DSD / USB player yet. Native DSD player interfaces need less bandwidth, so can play 4x natively over USB. Maybe this has been addressed by the author.

It may not be clear, but I use the SqueezePlayer on a Linux server to manage my music. On the same PC I have SqueezeLite which acts as a client, and controls the Brooklyn in the living room.

In a separate room I use an actual Squeezebox Touch which gets it’s music from the same SqueezePlayer pc. I can use my Android devices to control either. You don't even half to use a real SBT in the mix. I really like this as a music server, but installation is a bit of a pain. I use Ubuntu and recommend you stay away from Fedora for this application.


Actually with the EDO update my Touch will output 192/24 through USB to my Codex DAC
Thanks for the run down. That's pretty slick. I've been wondering about using my Raspberry Pi 3 as a transport for a good USB dac. 
Drrsutlif, I installed the EDO update to my SBT but so far can't get my AQ dragonfly red (very good to my ears) to work...are there any additional settings or options I should play with? 
I’m not familiar with the dragonfly setup but here is a quote from a user on another site:

“Setup for my various Squeezebox Touch was a pain. Need to use the Enhanced Audio Output app, need an USB hub and the gain of the Dragonfly is based on the OS's volume (SBT uses Linux) which is too low by default so have to go it and adjust. It took a while to figure everything out…”

i had heard some of the usb powered dacs need a powered usb hub to operate in this setup though I was able to use a Meridian Explorer 2 without any issues.  I do run my Touch with a Welbourne LPS, but not sure that makes any difference for powering the DAC via the usb plug when implementing EDO.
I have a touch with a welborne power supply available, if interested.  

Instead of another Touch, I recommend a Raspberry Pi with piCoreplayer.  Very easy to put together and set up.  And a Digi+ card if you want S/PDIF output.   

dpac996--Did you install the Angry Goat app on your phone, tablet or what (I am a little new at this so please excuse if this is a stupid post)?  I have n Amazon Fire tablet and would love to use a TIDAL controller on it for my Squeezebox Touch.  Any help appreciated.
Also, anyone, if you use an external DAC with the SB Touch (say the USB Meridian Explorer 2) can you get MQA to play on the Touch?
@drrnc2 I installed and use this on my Android. Works 100% perfectly.

i have been using a SBT for years.  i used it with a musical fidelity DAC but then "upgraded" to the schiit bifrost.  the bifrost does not do MQA which i was kinda bummed about.  i recently picked up a dragonfly for my laptop partially to just check out MQA.  i was pretty shocked at the sound of TIDAL master - laptop - Dragonfly. i thought it sounded fantastic, but i need to revisit.  stoked to see this thread!
Since the LMS Tidal plugin doesn't support Master playback, you have to use something like a laptop to run the desktop Tidal app.

The only way I had to play back from my laptop was by running a long USB cable to my (non-MQA) DAC in my equipment rack.  I was disconcerted to find that this sounded sort of billowy, softened, and lacking in image specificity compared to input from my RPi.    

is it possible for LMS to work with tidal and the MQA algorithm?  
I also have a local LMS running, and the house is full of RPi's with piCorePlayer (I love it!)
I have had an test-account for tidal and linked it on mysqueezebox.com - it worked flawlessly. But now I have got Tidal-subscription through my mobile-subscription, and I can't figure out how to change my account on mysqueezebox.com. As far as I know, Logitech aren't supporting the system anymore, so I don't think they are able to help - do you have any ideas?
Found this while looking for info on how to get my sbt going again. It's been sitting for a year or so during a remodel and has not been updated in years essentially since the manufacturer bailed. Where should I start to get a better handle on what is needed?