Tidal Acoustics

Most or many, know brands like; Avalon and Kharma.
Though there is nothing to be found about either
Tidal Acoustics or Mårten Design, at this forum!?
Tidal, as can be seen at their homepage - have extreme speakers at their line up!
Anyone having encountered the Tsunami or Tsunami Diacera?
Or even the Sunray (with or without DSP).

Please describe Your experiences!
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Similarly, what about Equation Speakers e.g. Equation 25 or 35 ... THis speaker uses Accuton/Thiel ceramique tweeters, midrange drivers and like Kharma uses series cross-over designs. yet, there is virtually no mention of these speakers.
The Tidal Piano and Tsunami are great looking speakers. I would imagine they are pretty pricey.
Wrong from me!
It's Tidal-Audio.com, not acoustics!
Well, i think, i'm not 100% sure of prices!?
The Tsunami has Seas magnesium-diaphragm and S.P. revelator tweeter. Price is like Euro 18 000,-
The Tsunami Diacera with diamond tweeter and a ceramique Thiel and Partner mid driver, is Euro 35 000,-
These speakers has some sort of air-tuning,
system, adjustable in 3 steps.
The tuning has something to do with the "air-ports", in the speaker cabinett.!??
Well, the weight is ALOT, so they are most likely not resonant.
It seems nothing has been left for the wishlist, great componenets too!
Tweaked at arrival...who knows!?
I would very much like the Tsunami Diacera at home!