Tidal $5 for 5 Mo. Offer?

I’m seeing this on Facebook and it seems applicable to any plan they offer.  It sounds good to me but, is there any major catch with this?  I’ve searched their terms & conditions to the point of migraine aura and I cannot ascertain if this, for example, obligates one to x number of months at the regular price at the trial’s end or whether I could cancel then without a hassle if I thought $20/mo. wouldn’t be worth it.
On a related note.....I’d be streaming their lossless, “HiFi” plan to my integrated amp via their iPhone app to an approx. 12 yr. old Apple Airport Express device. I asked Tidal support about compatibility with this but the reply I received came across as very “language translation app generated” so I’m a little less than trusting.
Does anyone know the particulars here?  Thanks in advance.

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Well,...I went thru all the motions of setting up this $5 for 5 mo. Trial subscription on a website with the all the requisite Tidal logos, etc..(Thought that was safer than merely linking to it from FB or IG).  This was at 4:45 pm CST in the USA.  It’s now 4 hours and one password reset later...I finally made it into the site but, whenever I try to play music, it gives me the option to sign up for a 30 day trial OR to “reclaim” (another word is used) my purchase.  When the latter is chosen, I am informed my subscription could not be started and I’m given a “999” error code to send to customer service, after which I am emailed a cheery, auto-generated message about how it will be “awhile” getting back to me as they’re swamped with post holiday concerns. A quick-navigate to Tidal.com reveals there is no subscription on record for me.  I suppose that if some nerdy little 16 yr old computer wizard isn’t loading down the back end of a Soviet-era light truck with Playstations acquired via my credit card numbers as we speak, I’ll have learned a relatively inexpensive lesson about offers-too-good-to-be-true and be fortunate indeed. 😡