I never thought I would have much good to say about streaming sites but that is changing. I just recently signed up for the Tidal MASTERS option.  My previous experience has been with iTunes and even though ten years of buying and listening, I still consider that site to be not much more than listening to a car radio. I was listening through my various Apple gear. But I recently upgraded from a 1999 Mitsubishi Surround Sound system to an Onkyo receiver and ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2 loudspeakers. TIDAL access comes with the receiver so I am not locked into my MacBook Pro or iPad. That has certainly changed how I listen to music. It is too bad that I have those 1200 iTunes pieces bought and paid for. Even the ELACS can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Is TIDAL MASTER that good? Yep. Even downloaded from the internet with the signal tops chopped off, the music is demonstrably better, even good. 
What's this "signal tops chopped off" part?
I'm a Tidal user, very good quality streams. I only wish their Jazz catalogue was a lot deeper. I don't listen to the Pop-HIpHop they heavily promote.
@tuberist Give Qobuz a trial.  I'm enjoying their jazz catalog and particularly their relatively large number of hi-res titles.  The problem is that Tidal has some jazz content that Qobuz doesn't so for now I'm holding on to both services.
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Eric Squires asks a question although I am not certain if he meant it as a challenge or whether he is asking for more information. My response is that it has to do with the way the internet compresses the signal before it gets to the end user. In this case, it is TIDAL’s signal.

@tuberist Tidal’s Jazz Catalog is deep. Use Roon Radio to help, should you subscribe to Roon.

I only wish their Jazz catalogue was a lot deeper.

I’m with @three_easy_payments ... keeping both services as Qobuz doesn’t have some of the Jazz content that Tidal has (my early experience).

I’ve been with Tidal for a long time, so that’s too be expected. The reverse may be true if I were I on Qobuz first and then recently added Tidal.
I started using Tidal a few months ago and am very impressed with the sound quality. Way better than iTunes. Certainly as good as any CD I own and the 24/96 and above material is certainly as good as any digital files I have purchased on HDtracks. OK, the catalog is not all encompassing, but, it is still very good. Last night I listened to the remix of Song For Guy by Seven Seas, blew me away, wow! I am ditching HDtracks and hope to never buy a CD again. The only source that MAY be better are MFSL 1 Step Ultradisc, at $125 each! I use Tidal via Audirvana Plus on a MacBook Air, extremely happy with this system. No plans to change anything.
If you think the high price of Tidal Hi-Fi is affordable, there is no doubt that Tidal Master is a nice choice with MQA audio quality.
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