Tickled Pink. Make that Aquamarine

Discovery Essence XLR Interconnect.
Big thumbs up in my solid state lineup. Smoooooth.
Some of this may be due to switch to XLR from RCA.
I love these moments.

I will leave analysis to the reviewers. For my part,
the goal is to find what works, then refuse to part
with it.

By the way, I had the self-restraint to wait 48 hours before
I posted this.
Judit, I have no personal experience with Discovery Cables, but I have read alot of good things about them, and I believe that one of the major high-end TT makers is using Discovery in their tonearm wiring.

Glad you are enjoying them.
Thanks Twl, Thought this thread might go down without a comment.
I've had a number of mine go down that way. Well, at least this one didn't :^)
Twl, one TT manufacturer that uses Discovery is Clearaudio. Another is Pluto Audio (I think). Good for you, Judith!
I too have been very happy with my Essence XLR on my EMC-1 MkII. I'm now trying SPM as well, and am curious as to which I will prefer. I am initially very impressed by SPM's more transparent portrayal of transients and leading edges, and without leanness (like my old Red Dawn). We'll see...I'll resell one or the other after Xmas, I suspect.
I know this is a little late, but VPI and the Wheaton Triplaner also use Discovery cable in their arms. Joe DePhillips of Discovery told me. So I just tried a 1 meter pair of his Essence between my VPI 10.5 tonearm and my BAT VK-P5 phono stage. WOW! This stuff is awesome. I've had more expensive cables there from Tara Labs, Cardas and Transparent, but the Essence performance floored me, even right out of the box. It's amazing how it balances the detail with the musical warmth. It's rich and warm, yet I don't feel like I'm missing any detail. It's detailed without sounding etched or brittle. A steal at it's price.