Ticking/popping noises from DAC

I recently borrowed a PS Audio Directstream DAC with bridge.   It sounds very good but there’s one issue: I’m hearing ticking/popping sounds over my speakers at random intervals—sometimes within a few seconds of each other, sometimes within a few minutes.  The sounds only last a fraction of a second but are very annoying—almost like the sound of a scratch on a record. I’ve tried the bridge and the usb inputs.  It’s more frequent on the bridge input but still happens on usb.  I’m pretty sure the issue is with the DAC because I never had it before and it doesn’t happen with my Aurilac Vega1 DAC.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any suggestions?
Sounds like a bad cap. Time for service.
Theres a thread on psaudios site. Make sure you have the latest firmware snowmass 3.05. There is also a way to go back to the previous firmware for the bridge. You need to email them and they will send you instructions. There is also a bridge beta firmware they may have you try
I had the same issue but after the 2 updates it went away
are you running direct into an amp? PS Audio told me the Direct Stream and Jr. need  a pre-amp. I would contact them right away, they are very responsive.
Good luck,
I was having that issues with my Bryston DAC-3 with the HDMI inputs, but a firmware update solved it
With Bridge II make sure your router has multi-casting turned on. Also check your Ethernet switches.