Tickets to CES - Where can I get them?

Who knows where I can get a ticket to CES in Vegas in January? I looked on CES website, but could not find a place to register for tickets.

The CESs are business shows, for dealers, distributors, manufacturers. You could ask your favorite dealer if they're going and could get you tickets.

Now that I've typed that, I recall that the last day at least used to be open to consumers, but if you can't find that on the site, perhaps that's no longer correct.
Thanks - I found the site to register.
Elusive Disc has been sending me e-mails that if you buy anything they'll give you a ticket free! (actually they may be free for folks in the audio business) I thought about doing it until I found out how much hotel rooms were and how far away you had to stay. Oh well, maybe next year.....
Sunday morning, the last day of the show is open to the public. Most business is done by then and us types are welcome.
Instead of CES, try the T. H. E. (The Home Entertainment) Show at the St. Tropez and San Remo (soon to be Hooters Casino!). T.H.E. Show is free, has tons of exhibitors (Like Audio Research) and even gives you free food! How great is that?
I also attended Hi-Fi CES at the Alexis Park (right down the street) but the weather totally sucked and I really didn't feel right about taking up time that somebody paid good money for to do business.
T.H.E., on the other hand, welcomes everyone.