Tick on 30th anniversary Dark Side

Greetings Fellow Audiogon Members!
I finally received my 30th anniversary Dark Side of the Moon LP on heavy, virgin vinyl. I washed the record prior to playing with my favorite "Disc Doctor" system and placed the record into a new rice paper sleeve. I had a chance to listen to it this evening, and on side one, at the very beginning, is an annoying tick that leads into the first song, then disapates. For $30.00, I believe no ticks should exist. Anyone else experience the same problem? Do you think all copies will possess the tick?
Another item I have been wondering about deals with the wonderful "Classic Records" 200 gram Quiex SV-P series. These records are so quiet, I can not even hear my stylus contact the surface upon touch down! Do you think these records are "softer" than others? Do you think that the life expectancy of the record will suffer? I always appreciate your feed back!
That Quiex is a super vinyl, if you hold it up to a light you can see through it. This Quiex vinyl is a super high-grade vinyl with no impurities, and is said to resist wear a lot better than normal vinyl’s do. That's why most modern day DJ promos are Quiex.

About your DSOTM having a tick. Look close under a bright light where the lp ticks, you should be able to see something. This must be a defect, contact your dealer and ask for an exchange because of this manufacturing defect.
Got mine last night. Wish I only had one tick. Mine has many. Now I have two defective albums going back to Acoustic Sounds.
Hmmm, I ordered mine through eil.com in Britain and got mine about three weeks ago. No pops, no ticks, SUPER quiet. I rate it better than both the MFSL and original domestic pressing and perhaps a sliver behind my original UK pressing (but MUCH quieter). Some say the Japanese pro version is best, though I've never heard that one.

I hear the very slightest overemphasis on bass on Side1 only, but nothing detracting. Also, just a hint of sibilance on the song "Us and Them". Other than that this is a very quiet very dynamic pressing with impressive soundstaging.
I purchased mine at a local record store and its dead quiet. In fact, its one of the quietest records I've ever listened to.

I couldn't even tell the needle hit the vinyl.

I don't know if this matters but mine says "Made in Holland" on the back. I presume they pressed all the records in the same location...but if they didn't, that could be a reason for the differences. Anyone have more information on this?
No ticks but sound qaulity not a big improvement over my
original thirty year old copy. If I had auditioned it first
I certainly would not have payed $30 for the new 'improved'

perusing ag on this(click,snap) snowy saturday. that is (click)why i(snap) am sticking(click,snap,pop) to digital. hope all is well.

My copy had quite a few pops and when I bought it. I then started using Paul Frumkins LP cleaning fluid. Just one more reason why I use Paul's formula. LP now sounds great.

I was disappointed with the sound quality on my Dutch pressing which cost 30 bux. I bought two; one to listen to and another to keep sealed for whatever. Wish I had bought neither; the MFSL gold CD I picked up a few years back sounds better.