Tice vs. Tice

I am curious what is better:
An old Tice Power Block and TITAN
or a Tice PowerBlock III?
I have a bias - Power Block & Titan. I have two sets of this combination available for sale if you decide this is the way you want to go. All four units (2 power blocks and 2 titans) are in great shape. I will sell either one or both sets. Good luck in your search.
What is George Tice doing these days?
I use two sets of Tice Power Block and Titan in my system now. I would love to rip them out and compare to the Power Block III, just for the pure enjoyment of audiophile comparison. Until then, I am very satisfied with the improvement I hear now with the older sets.
Just my 2 cents worth about my own personal experience. I had two of the original Tice Power Blocks and Tice Titans that I imported into Hong Kong new from the States around 1991. I found them terrible. They significantly rolled off both frequency extremes and thickened the midrange. I cannot think of one plus compared to plugging my gear into pac idos outlet strips which I understand simply dump noise from digital devices to ground. If you have the original Tice items, like any power conditioner or outlet strip, I would recommend that you compare them with going straight into the wall. I have no experience with the Mk III.
Dear Fellow Members,

Anyone have the manual for Tice Power III Signature and if possible the wiring schematics?

Neither; if you need the power protection that's one thing. However, if you are going for the cleanest, more superior sonic experience then avoid it. I use a Tice Powerblock - in my AV rig, not my two channel system. You're dead on, bluewolf.