Tice Solo vs Chang Lightspeed 6400

Has anyone out there used or compared both the Tice Solo and either the Chang Lightspeed 3200 or 6400 conditioners/outlets? Could you share with me your findings on them? Which is better? Many thanks.

I can't speak for the Chang, but I've owned the Solo for about 8 yrs. and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. Moved into an apartment complex 8 yrs. ago and there was all sorts of electrical "grunge." Used different combination of outlets and powerstrips to no avail. Hooked up the Tice and there was complete silence. Highly recommended.
Hope this helps.
unfortunately, I have to say the same thing about the Chang. I haven't heard the Tice, but the Chang improved the sound at a reasonble price without killing the detail. So, no help at all but...