Tice power conditioner

Does anyone know the reason for the demise of TICE? I own a Tice power condioner and find it an excellent product.
I really like Tice power conditioners, too. I was sad to see them fold.

I don't know why they went out of business but I can guess. The timing of their shuttering would suggest they lost customers to then-new competitors. Specifically, PS Audio first, and Richard Gray's Power Company later. While Tice conditioners were great examples of passive isolation technologies, the PS Audio products appealed as active isolation devices, basically amplifier circuits that synthesized a 60 Herz output. Later, Richard Gray's Power
Company put out conditioners that enjoyed a lot of buzz (pun, sorry) among audiophiles, got a lot of dealer support, and became quite popular, despite a fairly negative review in a leading mag. Also, other players got into the conditioner space with fancy looking product, notably Monster Cable has an impressive looking line up. The success of these entrants put the squeeze on existing conditioner vendors, like Tice (and API, Chang, etc.).

Tice, in particular, was vulnerable because of its reliance on the TPT marketing theme, one which had been subject to criticism by the high end press. Tice conditioners offered extremely high build quality and good functionality. This is why I am attracted to and use Tice conditioners. I can't hear the benefit of the proprietary TPT treatment (it's not why I bought Tice conditioners), although I think my rig sounds good.

I'm afraid TPT became such a big deal for Tice that few people would buy Tice products unless they could believe in TPT. Tice conditioners were at hefty price points (as well as solidly built), and the people who would buy them without believing in TPT were wooed away by the new competitors. RIP.
Customer relations? He dealt with my particular problem in a TOTALLY unprofessional manner! It worked out OK, though. I discovered the Custom Power Cord line of products. Their power conditioners BLEW AWAY the Tice conditioners, and for less money. The Custom Power Cord line has also been a multiple recipient of the T.A.S. "Golden Ear" award!
My experience was that their newer products were not as good as the older ones, although the Solo was a terrific product at a modest price point. I still have one of the early Power Blocks. I tried out one of the newer "III" versions that was "passive," where the selling point was supposed to be that they did not limit current. Well, I went back to the old isolation transformer-based unit in a New York minute. Truth is that most power amps don't like conditioning of any kind, and current limiting is not relevant on anything other than an amp. He was chasing a trend, and that's ironic for the guy who started the whole power conditioning trend in hi end audio. Tice also made some really good cables, too.
Fatparrot, I agree that CPCC products are good...the principal designer parted ways some time ago and has evolved things...