tice power block repair

Any one out there know where i can get my Tice Power Block repaired by a reputable shop. As Tice is now out of business, i would hate to have to buy new.

Many thanks in advance JIM

I'm in need of help of any Tice Power Block model 1 owners current or previous, new and old. Have you ever changed the existing brown outlets that came with the Power Block originally? If so what outlets did you use and was it easy to do?

Last night I noticed that my aftermarket 10AWG power cords that are plugged into the PB were slipping out of the sockets. I re-seated the power cords but am worried that this will happen again. I guess the outlets don't grip as well as they used too. Where my Tice Power block is located it isn't easy for me to reach it so I don't want to keep checking and re-plugging in the power cords.

I was thinking about may be using Porter Port outlets, Hubbell IG5262 outlets or maybe even Pass & Seymour 5262-AW outlets as they are the easiest on my wallet and seem to be good quality.

Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated.