tice power block lllc opinion?

please give me your opinion about this tice for really high end .is balanced or not?
I have a Tice Power Block IIIc HP. It's build quality is excellent, like a high end amp. I like the fact that it uses two input AC cords -- you could source from two different AC outlets rather than put the burden of your whole system on one outlet/plug. It has enough output sockets and wattage headroom for my needs. I like that it doesn't use transformers (which I fear could limit system dynamics). I haven't had any big electrical spikes (like lightning hits), so I can't testify as to its effectiveness for spike protection.

Like many of my upgrades, I was not able to identify an immediate improvement in system sound upon its installation. However, I have found that such upgrades have a cumulative benefit that I can hear; I can hear a difference vs. the original sound after a few such changes. I have not been able to identify any benefit from the TPT electrical treatment that Tice is famous for.

I am somewhat taken aback to hear that Tice is folding, because I think their products are high quality. Perhaps the business will be bought and the name continued. If so, perhaps factory support of existing products may be maintained.

As to your question, the high end seems to have embraced PS Audio as the popular power line conditioner. I appreciate its concept of regenerating the 60 Hz AC sine wave using an amplifier circuit. It is both an elegant and brute force solution to noisy wall current. I haven't seen a unit that offers very high wattage capability, so I have been unsure of whether available units may constrict dynamics for my system. The Tice PB IIIc is a high end product, although it doesn't employ the PS Audio technology.

I am not sure what you are asking about with respect to your question of "is balanced or not?" Good luck.