Tice Power Block II / Titan

I am just curious if any of you out there still use this combination of power conditioner? What works best as far as system connections etc. How does it compare to today's offerings. Anyone have a rptv connected with what type of results?

Thanks in advance and "Merry Xmas"
I am currently using a power block & titan combo, and am happy with that setup. All front end components are run through the power block/titan combo - the mono amps are each on their own 20 amp circuit with just upgraded power cords and hubbel outlets.I have upgraded the outlets in the power block with cyro treated Hubbel 8300 units, along with it's wall outlet. I also found that the power block did not ground the outlets so I added the ground connection. I expect the system to sound better due to the hubbel outlets but can't attest to that as I puked one of the monoblocks.
I also ran all of my video system through another power block and was pleased with that. It worked better than any of the other power conditioners I had tried. I can't comment on how much better or worse the power block/titan is to current audio system conditioners as my unit has pleased me, so I saw no reason to change.
Just as a matter of interest, can anyone tell me how long ago the Power Block II was phased out and what one should be worth second hand? I have seen one going locally (New Zealand) but aren't sure if it's that good a deal - asking NZ$1100 (approx US$580).

Cheers, Hamsta.
I sold my power block and titan 2 for $700 about 3 years ago. This combination with my equipment offered nothing to help the sound. I always wondered if they do anything other than a receptacle for front end gear. Do not plug your amps into these contraptions or you may damage them
Hamsta, I think you'd be better off with a BIG step down isolation transformer for your audio setup. If bought used from a surplus outlet it would be cheaper than the Titans. Search the archives and you'll get plenty of info.
Im with Snook2 except that I think most filters, conditioners, etc. hurt the sound. I have heard only two that help--the Sound Application and the Walker Audio.